Marion Mouser McRae Collection

Box 1

Folder 1

  1. article from the Morning Advocate, February 11, 1977 – “3 Acquitted of Assault on
  2. “Jimmie Davis: The Sunshine Years” script – 21 pages


Folder 2: Photographs

Typed document detailing a brief biography of Jimmie Davis’ works as a musician and
politician – 1 page


  1. Jimmie Davis poses with a young boy, who is sitting on a horse
  2. Jimmie Davis and a large band with 7 members. On the back is written “First band”
  3. headshot in black and white – the bottom reads “Jimmie Davis Box 2626 Baton Rouge,
  4. Jimmie Davis looks away while riding a horse
  5. Large photograph of Jimmie Davis riding a horse and twirling a lasso
  6. large photograph labeled “’Louisiana’ premiere Oct. 7th, 1947, Shreveport, La” large group of people line the streets during a parade of
    cars and a band
  7. large photograph of a young Jimmie Davis headshot


Folder 3: Photographs

   1 – 7: Portraits of Jimmie Davis

  1. Jimmie Davis and a group of people smile for a picture on a stage
  2. A small bedroom with a desk with books and a lamp
  3. Jimmie hands a small toy to a young boy in a Radio Special wagon on Christmas
  4. People arriving to a large church
  5. Old school photo in black and white
  6. Young man poses for picture in bow tie (may be a young Jimmie Davis)
  7. 11 men and women pose for a group photograph
  8. Jimmie Davis holds a young girl in a white dress and tiara. “1946” written on the


Folder 4: Photographs

  1. Portrait of unidentified man – black and white
  2. Beach Spring School girls basketball group – date unknown
  3. Jimmie Davis poses with 4 women dressed as brides: August 13, 1964 Promotion of
    “There Won’t Be a Wedding” – Donna Lynn Felps, Susan Walker, Ann Durrett, and Glenda
  4. “Louisiana” photo Jimmie Davis and the Sunshine Serenaders
  5. Jimmie and a woman pose romantically for a portrait
  6. Jimmie and woman pose romantically for a portrait
  7. Jimmie Davis watches near a horse while two men cook eggs over a flame
  8. Jimmie Davis and multiple reporters
  9. Jimmie grabbing a Margaret Lindsay by the shoulders
  10. Jimmie standing with his arms spread and a smile
  11. Jimmie and two cowboys lying on the ground playing a guitar at a camp site
  12. Jimmie and an unidentified woman
  13. “Louisiana” set – Jimmie, Mollie Miller, Margaret Lindsay, and John Gallaudet
  14. Jimmie punching John Gallaudet in scene
  15. “Louisiana” set – Jimmie and Margaret Lindsay
  16. “Louisiana” set – Jimmie and Margaret Lindsay
  17. Jimmie on set of “Louisiana” speaking with Director Phil Karlson – Feb. 25, 1947
  18. Jimmie riding horses with two other cowboys
  19. Jimmie and two cowboys singing and playing guitar in a wagon


Folder 5: Photographs

  1. “Louisiana” – Jimmie and the Sunshine Serenaders
  2. “Louisiana” – Jimmie and the Sunshine Serenaders
  3. Jimmie singing on stage with four backup singers and a man playing piano
  4. “Louisiana” – Jimmie and the Sunshine Serenaders
  5. Jimmie singing with four backup singers and man on guitar at Louisiana Hayride in
  6. Jimmie singing on stage alone
  7. Jimmie on stage with multiple singers at the Nashville Songwriters Association
  8. Jimmie riding horse
  9. Jimmie riding a horse
  10. Jimmie riding a horse
  11. Jimmie standing next to a horse
  12. Jimmie and another man holding records – Jan. 26, 1941


Folder 6: Photographs

  1. Parade with marching bands and cars
  2. Jimmie Davis speaking on stage
  3. Jimmie shoveling oysters on the coast of Louisiana
  4. autographed photo of Jimmie Davis
  5. Jimmie posing in a top hat
  6. Jimmie signing documents at his desk with two men standing by his side
  7. Picture of a young Jimmie Davis
  8. Jimmie and the Sunshine Serenaders
  9. Jimmie snapping his fingers with a top hat in hand
  10. Article: “Jimmie Davis: Best Male Sacred Singer” Jimmie was voted by the Jamboree Readers Poll for Number 1 Male Sacred Singer – Jan. 1958
  11. Jimmie speaking on stage – “Jimmie Davis for Governor” on drumset near by
  12. Portrait of Jimmie Davis
  13. Jimmie smiling and reading a letter
  14. Young Jimmie Davis laid back on a sofa speaking to an unidentified man
  15. Portrait of Jimmie singing in a microphone
  16. Jimmie on a horse at Louisiana State Capitol building
  17. Jimmie in the back seat of a car heading to his inauguration
  18. Jimmie climbing stairs to Louisiana State Capitol building
  19. Sketch and typed description of the proposed New Governor’s Mansion – May 5, 1961
  20. Jimmie Davis claps on stage next to President John F. Kennedy
  21. Jimmie stands with his arms crossed on stage
  22. Jimmie and an unidentified man pose during his inauguration
  23. June 18, 1963 Special Legislative Session (opening session) with Speaker of the House,
    Thomas J. Jewell, Lieutenant Governor C.C. Aycock, and Jimmie Davis
  24. Jimmie speaking behind a podium The Roosevelt
  25. Jimmie exits a small plane at the Flying L Ranch and is greeted by five young women
  26. Jimmie speaking at the Coushatta Lions Club Meeting December 15, 1969 – seated near
    him are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Townsend and standing is A. R. Adkins
  27. Jimmie walking in the Louisiana State House of Representatives meeting
  28. Portrait of Jimmie edited on to an image of the Louisiana State Capitol (new)
  29. Jimmie speaking to reporters surrounded by flyers and banners “Jimmie H. Davis, Candidate
    for Governor”
  30. Jimmie in the backseat of a car with another gentleman – May 11, 1960
  31. Jimmie standing at a podium with guests seated behind him
  32. Jimmie shakes hands in a crowded room
  33. Jimmie walks to podium in a crowded room
  34. Jimmie shakes hands with two men – books of House of Representatives sessions in front
    – June 18, 1963 Special Legislative Session (opening session) with Speaker of the
    House, Thomas J. Jewell, Lieutenant Governor C.C. Aycock, and Jimmie Davis
  35. Jimmie standing in line
  36. Jimmie speaking at Sugar Cane Festival 1969
  37. Jimmie talks to supporters at political rally – Saturday night, Jan. 9, 1960 at Monteleone
  38. Jimmie campaigning for Governor in municipal auditorium, New Orleans, La.
  39. Jimmie and two men near a large tire that appears to be on a plane – October 1960
  40. Jimmie speaking at a podium with guests standing behind him
  41. May 10, 1960 – Jimmie speaking to two men and a camera man in front of large group
  42. Jimmie seated at a dining table at Grambling College – ten other men present
  43. Jimmie speaking to Vanderbilt Acapella Choir 1961



  1. “Jimmie Davis Live!” 1976
  2. “The Best of Jimmie Davis” 1975


Box 2

Reel to Reel Film:

  1. 7” reel – Written on label “Davis at Capitol”
  2. 7” reel – “Gov. Davis Cotton Steel” written on side 1 and “Carving Wood” & “Walking
    with Joan by lake” written on side 2
  3. 7” reel – label “Davis at State Capitol”
  4. 7” reel – label “Campaign – 4:53; Dirty Campaign 4:04; Bridge 2:46; PIT Gov Mansion”
  5. 7” reel – unidentified reel
  6. 5” reel – “A News”
  7. 9” reel – “At Govern Mansion – Bob Meador”
  8. 5” reel – “Gov Davis singing”
  9. 5” reel – Jimmy Davis – FI Cotton Picking – 3:22
  10. 5” reel – J. Davis Gun
  11. 5” reel – J. Davis Pictures
  12. 5” reel – copy bridge JD
  13. 5” reel – Davis boots
  14. 5” reel – illegible text written on tape
  15. 5” reel – supporter time
  16. 5” reel – leaf falling
  17. 5” reel – unidentified reel
  18. 5” reel – leaf falling
  19. 5” reel – unidentified reel
  20. 5” reel – cotton
  21. 5” reel – B – cotton J Davis
  22. 5” reel – unidentified reel
  23. 5” reel – Governors Mansion
  24. 5” reel – Gov. Davis Photog