West Florida Republic Collection




  1. Copy of the Constitution of the Republic of West Florida (pgs. 1-14)
  2. Copy of the Constitution of the Republic of West Florida (pgs. 15-27)
  3. Letter from West Florida Senate declaring the election of Fulwar Skipwith as Governor, dated November 22, 1810
  4. Photo copy of article by Powell A. Casey from the Louisiana History Journal entitled The Louisiana Whigs.
  5. Photo copy of "Papeles de Cuba" Reel 76, legajo 1568B, 28 items
  6. Photo copy of "Papeles de Cuba" legajo 1568B, Shepherd Brown’s letter to Gov. Folch, 6 items
  7. The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of West Florida, printed in The Independent Chronicle, Vol. XLII, number 3082 Dated November 1, 1810; Boston, Massachusetts Printed by Adams, Rhoades & Company Publishers of the Laws of the United States.

    8. The Gentleman’s Magazine, August 1761; November 1761; August 1772;          June 1763


Oversized Item

Blue Binder Containing:

1. Minutes of the 1st Assembly of the Province of West Florida, Aug. 18, 1766-Jan. 3, 1767 (1 v. 61 p.)

2. Minutes of the House, Feb. 23, 1767-June 29, 1769 (1 v. unpaged)

3. Minutes of the Council, Apr. 3-July 22, 1769 (1v. 96 p.)

4. Minutes of the Council, Dec. 27, 1769-Mar. 14, 1772 (1 v. 234 p.)

5. Record of Commissioners, 1764-81 (1 v. 335 p., with index)

6. Secretary of State, letterbook A, Apr. 14, 1770-Sept. 23, 1774 (1 v. 275 p.)

7. Register of petitions, warrants, and grants of land, May 1774-Apr. 1777 (1 v. unpaged)

8. Fiats, Sept. 23, 1770-Nov. 28 1775 (1 v. 232 p., with index)

9. Pensacola Secretary’s Office, account book, Dec. 2, 1775-sept. 23, 1778 (1 v. unpaged)

10. Governor and Secretary’s fees on all small tracts of 500 acres or under, June 16, 1774-Oct. 28, 1778 (1 v. unpaged)

11. Conveyances of land, liber A, no. 1, June 8, 1771-Aug. 1, 1772 (1 v. 585 p., with index)

12. Conveyances of land, Liber D, no. 4, Apr. 2, 1774-Oct. 1, 1775 (1 v. 530 p., with index)

13. Conveyances of land, Liber D, no. 5, Oct. 2, 1775-Dec. 11, 1777 (925 p., with index)

14. Journal of the Convention and Legislature, 1810 (2 v.) and miscellaneous papers (10 items)

15. Journal of the Senate, 1810 (2 v.) and miscellaneous papers (10 items)

16. Sawmill Ledger, 1825-30 (1 item)

17. Claims, 1810-48 (ca. 25 items)

18. Revolution of 1810 and financial papers, 1810-45 (ca. 25 items)

19. Documents and papers concerning transactions during civil commotions in West Florida, 1799-1827 (1 v. of 61 items, arranged chronologically and inventoried)

Box 3
   1.    Letter from William Cooper of the Tangipahoa District to Governor Folch, September 12, 1810 (Photocopy of Papales de Cuba, Legajo 1568B, Letter # 713, oversized); Detail and translation of Letter from William Cooper of the Tangipahoa District to Governor Folch, September 12, 1810 (Photocopy of Papales de Cuba, Legajo 1568B, Letter #713); Letter from William Cooper to S.G. Carlton Cooper and Rodney Cooper (Photocopy of St. Helena Conveyance Book A, pages 44-46); Petition of John McDonough to the Honorable, the District Judge of the State of Louisiana (scan), 4 items. (RESTRICTED ACCESS DIRECTOR'S DISCRETION ONLY)
    2.    Elections for Captain Commandant of three Spanish West Florida Militia Companies, St. Helena District, 1805. (Photocopy of Papales de Cuba, Legajo 142B, folios 144-146); Translation (from La Raconteur, December 2011), 2 items (RESTRICTED ACCESS DIRECTOR'S DISCRETION ONLY)
    3.    West Florida Revolt Bicentennial planning meeting minutes; St. Francisville historical marker dedication photos (on cd), 2 items.

    4.     West Florida Republic Parkway Sign Unveiling- September 2002 (6 negatives)

    5.    “Regulations: To be observed by the SYNDICS and ALCALDS, of the Jurisdiction of BATON ROUGE.” copy 2 pages

    6. Abbreviated West Florida Revolt and Republic Bibliography. Compiled by the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies. 


Box 4

1. "Willful Interference or Benign Neglect: The British Indian Department and Cultural Divergence in the Gulf South, 1763-1783," by Daniel S. Murphree (2 copies-1 copy contains the shorter version that was presented at the Sixteenth Gulf Coast History and Humanities Conference and the other copy is a slightly longer version)

2. "Reconstructing the Gulf South’s Colonial Past: Progress in Recovering the History of the British West Florida Colony, 1763-1783," by James Patterson Smith (From Journal of Mississippi History, Vol. 60, No. 1, 1998, pp. 20-49)

3. "Military Deserters from British West Florida," by Robert R. Rea (From Louisiana History, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1968, pp. 123-137)

4. "Redcoats and Redskins on the Lower Mississippi, 1763-1776: The Career of Lt. John Thomas," by Robert R. Rea (From Louisiana History, Vol. 11, No. 1, 1970, pp. 5-35)

5. "German Troops in Alabama During the American Revolution: The Battle of January 7, 1781," by Jack D. L. Holmes (From Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 1, 1976, pp. 5-9)

6. "James Willing and the Planters of Natchez: The American Revolution Comes to the Southwest," by Robert V. Haynes (From Journal of Mississippi History, Vol. 37, No. 1, 1975, pp. 1-40)

7. "Tories or Patriots? The Mississippi River Planters During the American Revolution," by Henry O. Robertson (From Louisiana History, Vol. 40, No. 4, 1999, pp. 445-462)

8. "Bernardo de Galvez, the Forgotten Revolutionary Conquistador Who Saved Louisiana" by Thomas Fleming (From American Heritage, Vol. 33, No. 3, 1982, pp. 30-39)

9. "A Scheme Gone Awry: Bernardo de Galvez, Gilbert to Antonio de Maxent, and the Southern Indian Trade," by Thomas D. Watson (From Louisiana History, Vol. 17, No. 1, 1976, pp. 5-17)

10. "Fort St. Gabriel and Fort Bute: A Border Incident of 1768," by R. E. Chandler (From Revue de Louisiane, Vol. 8, No. 2, 1979, pp. 174-185)

11. "Spain and the American Revolution, The Campaigns of Bernardo de Galvez," by Carl Mora (From Mankind, Vol. 4, No. 8, 1974, pp. 50-57)

12. "The Spanish Conquest of British West Florida, 1779-1781," by Albert W. Haarmann (From Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 39, No. 2, 1960, pp. 107-134)

13. Sketchbook 56, Vol. IV, Las Companias de Infantaria de Las Americas, The Spanish Colonial Era Infantry, 1739-1781 (Spanish Uniforms, Weapons and Historical items of Spanish troops in Colonial America and during the French and Indian Wars), by Ted Spring

14. "Motives of Peculiar Urgency": Local Diplomacy in Louisiana, 1803-1821" by Peter J. Kastor (From William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. LVIII, No. 4, October 2001, pp. 819-848)

15. Information sheets, Carte Museum Inaugural Show, "Finding Mississippi A Study of Original Maps Dating 1513-1764" Map Exhibit, 41 items

16. West Fla Republic Bicentennial Celebration 2010, Rita Allen Photos:

Disc 1, St. Helena, 223 photos;

Disc 2, St. Helena, 158 photos;

Disc 3, St. Helena pageant, 103 photos (1-103); W. Fla Republic Flag, 7 photos (104-110); Springfield Fort Commemoration Day, 7 photos (111-118); Baton Rouge Bicentennial Celebration, 30 photos (119-148); St Tammany Bicentennial Celebration, 24 photos (149-172)

Disc 4, St. Francisville Bicentennial Celebration, 86 photos

17. Scanned copy of the Constitution of the Republic of West Florida (26 pgs.)


Crossed References:

1. Judge Leon Ford Collection: Manuscript abstract of Title to lands belonging to David Hodge and Charles Stuart in British West Florida on the river dated 1777, 19 manuscript pages including two maps.

2. Houeye Simpson Collection: Survey tract and documents describing Spanish Land grants in West Florida involving John Houeye and Thomas Brannon, 1802.

3. Woody Jenkins Collection: Xerox copies of 5 Newspapers from 1780, 1803 and 1804 describing Louisiana being ceded to the United States, Nathan Kemper,  and West Florida.