Strawberries Photo Collection

Folder 1-14

1.  1979, 1 35mm negative

Joy Jackson copied strawberry label in the possession of Calvin C. Fayard, Sr.

2.  1979, 1 5X5 B&W none

Livingston beauties strawberry label distributed by Joe Burdon in Springfield, LA

3.  1979, 1 35mm negative

Joy Jackson copied strawberry label in the possession of Harold Goodwin

4.  1979, 1 4½ X7 B&W none

Pecan Grove and Springfield copied strawberry labels

5.  1979, 1 2X2 B&W, 4 5X7 B&W none

Louisiana strawberries and Albany brand copied strawberry labels

6.  No date, 4 3½X5 B&W, none

Unknown woman driving automobile with strawberry crates and boxes

7.  No date, 1 5X7 B&W, none

Multiple unknown workers picking strawberries in the fields

8.  No date, 1 5X7 B&W, none

Strawberry farm family posing in front of strawberry field and farmhouse with all
women, men, and children of the family

9.  No date, 1 5X7 B&W, 1 8X10 B&W, none

Strawberry field workers processing and packaging strawberries on the back porch of
the farm house with men and women workers

10.  No date, 1 8X10 color, none

Unknown elderly man holding a wooden basket of fresh picked strawberries in the field

11.  1979, 1 3½X5 color, none

Log cabin brand copy of strawberry label

12.  Circa 1940’s-50’s, 35mm negative

Scene of Albany Depot where strawberries were loaded aboard boxcars to be shipped
to northern cities (photographer unknown) Joy Jackson copied picture in the possession
of Clark Forrest

13.  No date, 3 8X10 B&W, none

Raoul LeSaicherre looks over his strawberry plants in Ponchatoula, LA. Photo taken
by Ginger Romero

14.  1985, 1 8X10 B&W, none

Jimmy Morrison and unknown man shake hands at strawberry market Hwy 22 E Ponchatoula,