Primary Population

Services are designed for parents whose children have been placed in foster care and parents who are receiving in-home services to prevent their children from entering foster care. Services are also available to Foster and Adoptive parents and to youth in foster care or in the Young Adult program with children who need assistance with mentoring or parenting education.


Who can Send a Referral

We are sorry but only D.C.F.S. and F.I.N.S. workers may send referrals.


Sending A Referral 

Send referral with family assessment and case plan information by email to:

or fax referral to:  Fax: 985-543-4729.


You will be notified of acceptance and assessment scheduling or waiting list status. If a worker wishes to have more information or needs the form please contact us at 985-543-4720. Once services start the referring worker should expect on-going progress notes on the intervention, phone conferences regarding services, and a written final report of services.