Project IPAL: Enhancing the Well-Being of Elementary School Children

Monday, April 24, 2017Dr. Holly Kihm

Dr. Holly Kihm

In Louisiana, 33% of adolescents and 28% of
children are overweight or obese (Louisiana Department
of Health and Hospitals, 2011). It is projected
that as many as 24,000 more children in Louisiana
may become obese by 2020 if the trend continues
(Broyles et al., 2011). Researchers have identified
several strategies to address overweight among
youth, but more work needs to be done in our classrooms
to teach university students the skills necessary
to become real-world ready for working with
children and adolescents who struggle with weight

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Authors: Kihm, Holly S.; Staiano, Amanda; Sandoval, Patricia
Source: Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, Volume 109, Number 1, Winter 2017, pp. 54-56(3)

Publisher: American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

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