Shakespeare’s English Kings

Shakespeare’s English Kings: From the Hundred Years War to the Wars of the Roses

Course Overview:

Introducing a new six-week library reading and discussion program. At each session the presenter will offer introductory remarks, but the primary emphasis will be on discussion of the main readings (David Saccio, Shakespeare's English Kings) with full audience participation. The presenter will use portraits to allow audience members to better visualize the individuals in question, will employ film excerpts to give participants a better 'feel' for the period and to allow comparison between actual history and its cinematic depiction, and will play examples of music from both the Lancastrian and Yorkist periods and from Shakespeare's era. The Questions to Consider are merely intended to stimulate thinking, not to prescribe or limit the discussion. There will be no assassinations, no beheadings, no burnings at the stake, no drowning in barrels of Malmsey wine, and no exams. Teachers or others requesting CEUs will take a brief pre- and post-quiz.


Cost: $80
Materials: NA (books loaned but can be purchased online, not required)
Material Fee: NA


Sessions Available:

Section Date & Time Instructor Location Meeting Dates Holiday
1  Tu 5:30 - 7:30 pm  William B. Robison, PhD Hammond  3/18 - 4/29/2014 4/22/2014


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