Mr. Roger Wang

Mr. Wang

Mr. Roger Wang (left) and his friend, Mr. Michael Fong, share life-learned business lessons with Southeastern’s Executive MBA students. Mr. Wang earned his MBA degree from Southeastern Louisiana University and resides in Beverly Hills. He has been listed on Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans list and Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list.


Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. Founded in 1992, Golden Eagle has grown into a real estate conglomerate. Seventeen years since it began, the company has over 10,000 employees, 16 stores and total sales of $350 million. Golden Eagle is housed in a state-of-the-art contemporary 60 story building. The company has been public on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2006.


Mr Wang

Dr. Settoon presents Mr. Wang and Mr. Fong with Southeastern MBA and EMBA Shirts.