The GMAT is the standard graduate admittance exam for graduate business schools across the country.  We suggest that students take the GMAT at least a couple months before the deadline to apply due to the fact that It takes up to 21 days to receive an applicant's score from the Testing Center.  Here are some resources that could be beneficial to one's preparation for the GMAT:

  • Offers FREE GMAT Prep software.  This is also where you schedule to take your exam.
  • Kaplan: Offers in-class preparation all over the country.
  • The Princeton Review: Offers multiple resources such as in-class prep, 1-on-1 prep, and self-prep.
  • Barron's: Offers online prep and self prep.
  • Veritas Prep: Offers an integrated system with classroom learning, combined with online prep.


 ***The prep materials listed above are not, in any way, affiliated or endorsed by Southeastern Louisiana University. 


GMAT Informational Walk-through

Step 1- Go to and click on "The GMAT Exam."
Step 2- The cost is $250.00. Next, you should click on the button that says "Schedule a GMAT Exam." This brings you to the web page in which you have to create an account. Do so, and then proceed.
Step 3- Fill out all information and proceed to "Schedule Your Exam" to find a testing center near you.
Step 4- Type in your zip code and the closest testing centers will populate. Select one of the testing centers and proceed
Step 5- Choose a date and time that coordinates with your schedule and proceed.
Step 6- Confirm your test appointment and pay for your exam to complete the application process.

**Once you have completed this process, you will receive a confirmation email with all of the relevant information pertaining to your testing appointment.