The master of business administration (MBA) program is designed to develop executive management decision-making skills in students from all academic backgrounds.  Students from a wide variety of majors recognize the value of the MBA degree to complement their undergraduate studies and subsequently advance their careers in a diverse set of fields.

To facilitate the inclusion of more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students in the MBA program, several undergraduate departments offer concentrations that allow their students to pursue their STEM degrees while concurrently taking an assortment of relevant business courses.   

At the completion of each of these STEM concentrations, students will have met their major Bachelor of Science degree requirements, have completed all of the course prerequisites of the MBA program, and expanded their general business knowledge. 

Currently, the three STEM to MBA undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree programs include: 


  1. Biology – Business Concentration
  2. Chemistry – Business and Industry Concentration
  3. Computer Science – Pre-MBA Concentration

More information about each of these programs is available below.  For the more information or to speak with someone about these concentrations, please do not hesitate to contact the MBA Programs Office at 985-549-2146 OR


1.    Biology – Business Concentration  

The overall educational objective of the biological sciences undergraduate program is to provide students with a conceptual foundation in biology and a skills base necessary to build successful careers in industry or business or to succeed in graduate school or professional school.

The Business Concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree program assists students who wish to enter careers in business or industry by having students take a number of business principles courses in order to both meet the course pre-requisites of the MBA program and to expand their general business knowledge. 

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2. Chemistry  Degree – Business and Industry Concentration

The purpose of the chemistry degree is to offer the student comprehensive training in modern chemical principles in preparation for a career in industry, health professions, or for graduate study in chemistry and other related fields. 

To facilitate these aims the Business and Industry Concentration provides Chemistry majors the ability to take a diverse set of business courses designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge to pursue their careers and/or to pursue the MBA degree by having completed all of the prerequisite courses of the program.


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3. Computer Science Degree – Pre-MBA Concentration

The Pre-MBA Concentration is intended for students who want to apply computer science in a business/management setting. Having grown out of a business perspective, this concentration focuses on managing information, projects, and other technical professionals. Although it still contains a significant core of theoretical and applied computer science, the curriculum also includes a variety of business courses to educate students in the organizational side of computer science, as well as fairly advanced mathematics, enabling students to manage scientific computing projects and personnel more effectively.

Upon completing the Pre-MBA Concentration, students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and may pursue the Southeastern MBA degree having already taken all of the prerequisite courses of the MBA program. 

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Did you know?

In the past year, roughly half of the students entering the MBA program had undergraduate degrees in majors other than business.