What Students Say About Honors




"I learned how to work harder and study smarter. Also I learned new and more concepts than my peers in classes I H-optioned. I got introduced to chemistry research by H-optioning both general chemistry classes, and I really enjoyed doing it. Taking Honors classes such as ENGLISH 210H also helped me develop my communication, reading, listening and essay writing skills."  

- Mercy Agbo, Chemistry   





"Being in the Honors Program at Southeastern has really pushed me to be the best student I can be. It surrounds me with great peers and faculty that want to succeed as much as I do, and I know I always have a place to go or people to reach out to if I ever need it."

- Jacey Fitzmorris, Psychology      








"Being in honors has pushed me to go further as a student. Being in classes with other students from honors also helped because I made friends with people who were going through what I was going through. It has made college a whole lot easier."

- Kamryn Fouts, Biology     







"It has been an amazing opportunity for me to be challenged by my professors.  They are teaching me how to critically think and analyze pieces of information to apply it to my daily life."

- Dean Gautreau, Nursing     








"I loved the Honors courses I took my first three semesters of college. There’s a sense of unity and understanding among the students in all the classes, and I’ve made countless friends from study groups. I really enjoyed being a part of this."

- Tianna Gotch, Health Education and Promotion 








"My honors experience so far has had a lasting effect on my overall college experience. I felt very welcomed by the honors club the first time it was introduced to me. The director, Dr. Procopio is one of the greatest professors I have met so far, always lightening the mood and providing students with guidance. The honors club has made me feel like I am not alone, given me things to do on campus, and made me work my very hardest to be successful in my classes. I really enjoy taking honors courses, as they are often smaller and therefore more interactive and personal. My best class experiences have been in honors classes, which is also where I met most of the friends I have at this school. This club and program have allowed me to meet some very terrific people that I believe positively affect my school work and overall quality of life. I am forever thankful that I have the opportunity to be in SELU’s Honors Program, it has truly enhanced my college experience." - Abbigail Guilbeau, Kinesiology



"Being in honors has been such a special experience. I have met several wonderful professors who are passionate about what they teach. They provide excellent material and thought-provoking discussion because of the appreciation for their field of knowledge. It is exciting to learn in an environment in which other students have an overwhelming desire to expand their horizons on important topics. The knowledge that I have accessed through the program is something that will propel me more quickly toward my career goals. The Honors Program at Southeastern is so enriching and truly worth the effort. Not to mention, achieving the honors distinction is highly fulfilling." - Catherine Hamilton, Art




"Being in honors has introduced me to a world of knowledge that I was completely unaware was out there. The honors classes I took taught me how to be a strong, confident student. I was allowed to share my ideas, while being challenged to push myself in my academics. I think honors has helped me progress to where I am today, and I am incredibly grateful for that." 

- Caroline Leblanc, Nursing 







"Being enrolled in Southeastern's Honors Program has affected my education in an amazing way. I never realized the importance of small classes and teachers that are aware of everything that goes on in their classes. Even though the classes were a little more difficult than general classes, I would way rather take honors classes over general classes any day. I love the challenge that honors classes put forth, and I know taking them has taught me how to study, time manage my priorities, and the importance of getting to know your classmates as well as your professor. I still communicate with classmates that I had my first semester, and it is always a great perk to have connections in all departments.  Honors truly provides that opportunity. I can't wait to see what honors continues to provide me in the following years, but more so, what I can do for the Honors Program." - Saydie Rusk, Marketing 




"Joining the Honors Program at Southeastern was one of the best decisions I made as an incoming freshman. Until I attended my orientation, I didn't plan on being an honors student. But joining the program has given me the best professors to guide me and amazing friends who understand the struggle and satisfaction of going to extra mile for your education." 

- Amy Schneida, Biology