What Students Say About Honors



 "My experience so far in Honors has been nothing short of amazing! Through Honors I’ve met amazing people, great mentors, and gotten more involved with my department. Honors has led me to a bunch of great people, such as my LLC SE101 professor introducing me to Pedro Jiminez Antennuci. I took CHEM122H with Dr. Wicker, and now I work in his lab and he has taught me a bunch of great lessons, along with bringing me to my first conference. Many great memories have also been made through the Honors Department. In my HONR305 class, there were a bunch of memorable moments, from watching Mateo and Rachel duke it out in a battle of wits to even having a nerf gun duel. Another great memory was just going absolutely wild on Just Dance at the LLC Introduction Party this year. Honors has definitely been a large part of my college experience so far and I only can hope that it’ll be just as great the second half of my time. 

             - Devin Schwaibold, Chemistry   



Annalea Giamalva


"The Honors program at Southeastern has made my experience far more than it ever would have been. My favorite classes during my time here so far at Southeastern have been my Honors classes. I have met some of the best professors and have undergone some remarkable coursework through these classes."

- Annalea Giamalva, Integrative Biology     








Aiya Robinson


"It has made me feel like a higher part of education. My honors courses are a welcomed challenge for me. I love the events the honors program hosts; they are excellent opportunities to explore new things and people."

- Aiya Robinson, Psychology 







Isabella Jarrell


"Participating in the Honors program has allowed me to have a fun, engaging college experience despite the current circumstances with the pandemic. I was able to have small classes and build connections with both my classmates and professors, while also challenging myself rather than just settling for the classes I needed to take. "

- Isabella Jarrell, Communication Sciences and Disorders     







Amber Peterson



"Thus far my experience as an Honors student at Southeastern has improved my academic performance by teaching me important skills such as time management and efficient studying tactics. I enjoy the environment of the honors classes and feel that I perform better academically in these courses due to the personal interactions I'm able to have with my fellow honors students as well as the professors. I would like to continue to take the honors course equivalents offered within my curriculum in order to better prepare me for my future education and career prospects."

- Amber Peterson, Biological Sciences







Darianna Bergeron





"Honors has aided in my perception of certain ideas. I came to college a little afraid that I’d be just a number, but Honors allowed me and my professor to have that one-on-one experience and I am forever grateful." 

- Darianna Bergeron, Integrative Biology Pre-Med







Mitchell Bellan



"Honors has introduced me to so many great people and I have made a lot of friends that I would not have without Honors (including my girlfriend). The connections with elite professors has been extremely beneficial to my understanding of materials, especially courses outside of my major. Honors has also allowed me to get more involved on campus with the Honors Student Association where I have been able to meet even more great people and further build my leadership skills through the club."

 - Mitchell Bellan, Mathematics







 Kristinia Badeaux


"My honors experience has been amazing. The honors advisors are extremely helpful. I loved all of my honors classes. I felt like I got so much out of those classes.

- Kristina Badeaux, Biological Sciences








Bailey Milburn



"The Honors experience has allowed me to enjoy specific classes to the fullest of their extent without the hassle of large class sizes and not being known to the professor. In that regard, I have had more opportunities to learn directly - especially in an H-Option course - than I would have had I not opted in to honors." 

- Bailey Milburn, Mathematics







Aileigh Simmons


"Having the opportunity to take honors classes has helped me gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of several fields of study. The honors English and Spanish classes I took stood out to me especially. The smaller class sizes meant that everyone could get to know each other which allowed for comfortable conversation during class as well as new friendships outside of those classes. Because I knew my classmates and formed connections with them I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and participate in campus events, such as international night, without being nervous.

- Aileigh Simmons, Art