The Honors curriculum is designed to allow students to earn Honors credits
without adding additional hours to their degree by taking the Honors version of
courses already required by most majors.

First Years

In the freshman and sophomore years, the Honors Program offers discussion-oriented seminars taught by select faculty members on topics of their specialty.

Students complete 15 hours of freshman and/or sophomore Honors credits chosen from at least three academic disciplines. That's roughly one Honors course per semester - you choose which ones. Being in the Honors Program won't make you retake courses you've already taken.


Upper Division

In the junior and senior years, students earn nine (9) Honors credit hours chosen from any combination of the following:

3000- or 4000-level HONR courses

3000- or 4000-level H courses in the major

3000- or 4000-level H-option of courses in the major

Up to 3 hours of university study abroad


Senior Thesis

Under the direction of a faculty member from the student’s major, each Honors student selects a topic in the major, plans, and completes a research project or creative endeavor, and presents the results, usually in the form of a senior thesis, to faculty and colleagues in the major.