Internet Resource Center

The Internet Resource Center’s primary goal is to serve the computing needs of both
the students and faculty within the College of Business.

The Internet Resource Center, IRC, was established to serve both the faculty and the
students within the College of Business. The IRC offers three state-of-the-art computer
labs dedicated to meet general computing needs of students. These labs also provide
the infrastructure to support the faculty’s instructional needs.

A number of classes have been regularly scheduled in the labs every semester. Some
faculties occasionally reserve the labs to teach their students some special applications
or give a computer-based exam throughout a semester. The PCs in the labs are all networked
to the Internet and connected to high-speed printers. They are installed with standard
software including Web browser, MS Office as well as classroom specific applications.

Currently, all of our labs are supported by the funding from the student technology
fee. Therefore, our operation is subject to the agreement between the College of Business
and the Office of Technology. We are committed to maintain the labs open for a minimum
of 20 hours per week and at least 50% of open hours between 7AM and 4PM Monday through

With the tech-fee support, the IRC is able to hire a number of students to work as
lab assistants. Each semester, we have a group of competent and reliable students
working in the labs. Working as a lab assistant provides these students a unique opportunity
not only to learn different software and hardware but also to develop practical skills
in technical support and customer service.

Technology is constantly changing, so are the needs of students and faculties. The
primary goal of the staff at the IRC is to be as responsive as we can to these evolving
needs. Please, feel free to let us know what we can do to serve you better. We welcome
feedback and comments from you all.