About ISAT

The Masters in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) is an interdisciplinary Professional
Science Masters degree that emphasizes applications of chemistry, computer science,
industrial technology, mathematics, and physics in a career enhancement degree.

This degree has been devised to meet the specific needs of students desiring technical
employment. These graduates will be able to contribute to the economic base of regional
business and industry and beyond into the global market.

The goal of the Master of Science Degree in Integrated Science and Technology is to
broadly educate technological problem solvers and system integrators who can deal
effectively with the wide spectrum of issues facing today’s professionals

The program provides managers and other professionals with the knowledge and tools
to operate as leaders in an evolving information-rich environment. The program strives
to integrate appropriate theory with considerable hands-on practice so that program
graduates can direct and manage both human and technical resources in industrial and
scientific pursuits.

The ISAT degree will (1) open doors to entry-level positions in the petrochemical,
high tech manufacturing and telecommunications industries, (2) give students the research
experience they need succeed in Ph.D programs, and (3) will also provide current employees
with a career-related degree that will help them advance to higher positions or take
on more challenging assignments within their companies.


Contact Us

ISAT Program Co-Coordinators

Dr. David Gurney
Department of Mathematics
Southeastern Louisiana University
SLU 10687
Hammond, LA 70402
Phone: (985) 549-5903
[email protected]

Dr. Sanichiro Yoshida
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Southeastern Louisiana University
SLU 10878
Hammond, LA 70402
Phone: (985) 549-3943
[email protected]