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The Southeastern Lab School PTA promotes close cooperation and communication between Lab School families and the faculty and staff of the Lab School. We work hand in hand to make our school the best it can be for our children, to encourage parental involvement, and to help create a safe, nurturing, family environment.  

Every Child, One Voice!


Find out what's happening on the national level at the National PTA website.  Link to their site at to keep up with the latest news, ideas, and events!


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                              The Lab School PTA is made of several different committees.                             These committees and the members of each are


The Executive Committee

The executive committee oversees the organization and operation of the association. The names of committee members, as well as their email contact addresses, are listed below.

President:  Jenny Tittelbach

Vice President:  Josh Jones   

                          Amy Karmeisool

Secretary:  Heather Dykes

Treasurer:  Tommy Daussat 


Box Tops/Community Coffee Labels  Karen Maurin
Chocolate Sale  Heather Dykes
Field Day
Grandparent Bingo  Amy Karmeisool and Caroline Bankston
Red Ribbon Week  Kim St. Martin
Spring Carnval  Sara Alford
Teacher Appreciation Week  Kim St. Martin
T-Shirts  Robin Lamonte