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Awards and Recognitions


Awards and Recognition

Southeastern's College of Business and its programs dealing with Latin America and with the Hispanic community in United States have been awarded and recognized on numerous occasions, not only nationally, but internationally as well.


The following summarizes said awards:

  • The Kuna and Embera Panamanian Indigenous Mola Award

  • Service Award, presented by the Ecuadorian Navy

  • Service Award, For Outstanding Services to the Cultural, Academic, Educational and Human Development of the New Generation Vice-PresidencyRepublic of Costa Rica

  • Service Award, For Outstanding Service and Collaboration, Mexican Consulate in New Orleans

  • The HBRTC award, presented by The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana

  • The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation President Award for outstanding services to the Hispanic Community in United States

  • The Chamber of Industry Institute for Business Excellence of Costa Rica Award for continuous support to the Digital SME's program

  • The Ibero-American Award in Honor of Educative Quality for its Latin American programs; awarded by the Ibero-American Council for Excellence in Education


Awards and Recognitions


In addition to this award, Southeastern College of Business Latin American Business Initiative Directorship has been recognized and invited to be part of prestigious national and International board of Directors as follows:

  • Board of Directors, Institute for Business Excellence, Chamber of Industry of Costa Rica

  • Board of Advisors, The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation

  • Board of Advisors, The Hispanic Business Resources and Technology Center

  • Board of Advisors, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana

  • Board of Advisors, The SME's Observatory of Costa Rica

  • The U.S. Senate Hispanic Leadership Summit


Awards and Recognition