Professional Development Program for Supervisors and Team Leaders - Track I: The Fundamentals

Course Overview

The Louisiana Department of Economic Development predicts a tremendous need for skilled craftsmen and women to address the $50 billion investments being made in Louisiana over the next five (5) years. These men and women will need critical guidance and direction by qualified supervisors and team leaders. This 5-module program was designed to address the fundamental skill sets needed to be an effective supervisor / team leader.


Individuals are usually promoted to supervisory and leadership positions because of their ability to perform assigned tasks in a safe, productive manner using the tools and equipment provided. When they are promoted to leadership positions some do not perform up to management's expectations because they were not given a new set of tools. Supervisors, foremen and team leaders are expected to plan, schedule, coach, counsel and discipline. They are also expected to perform safety and equipment inspections, conduct safety meetings and incident investigations. An integral part of their job involves analyzing and solving performance problems and being alert for the signs and symptoms of a troubled employee. This 5-module program was designed specifically to address the fundamental skill sets needed to be an effective supervisor / team leader. Track II will address human relations issues faced by supervisors and team leaders.

Track I Modules:
  • Supervisor's / Team Leader's Roles in the Management Process

  • Effective Communication and Leadership Skills

  • Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control

  • Introduction to Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

  • Conducting Effective Safety Meetings and Other Presentations


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Tuesday, Wednesday

8 AM - 5 PM


8 AM - Noon

Steven P Pereira, CSP

and Steve Varnado

Southeastern's School of Nursing, Baton Rouge

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02/03/15 - 02/05/15





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