Professional Development Program for Supervisors and Team Leaders - Track II: Human Relations Issues

Course Overview

The Louisiana Department of Economic Development predicts a tremendous need for skilled craftsmen and women to address the $50 billion investments being made in Louisiana over the next five (5) years. These men and women will need critical guidance and direction by qualified supervisors and team leaders. This 5-module program was designed to address the fundamental skill sets needed to be an effective supervisor / team leader.

Supervisors and Team Leaders are expected to: Plan and schedule work activities; Conduct on-the-job training; Identify, analyze and respond to performance problems; Recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of troubled personnel; Prevent harassment in the work place. Track II includes five (5) four-hour modules on these topics. Many new supervisors simply mimic how their previous supervisor or team leader addressed such issues. Some will do well while others may fail miserably because they don't know any other way to address the issues. The modules in Track II will build on Effective Communication, Leadership and Incident Investigation skills learned in Track I.


Track II Modules:
  • Pre-Job and Pre-Task Planning

  • Effective On-the-Job Training

  • Analyzing Problems and Conflict Resolution

  • Recognizing and Dealing with the Signs of Symptoms of a Troubled Employee and the Potential for Workplace Violence

  • Preventing Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment


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Tuesday, Wednesday

8 AM - 5 PM


8 AM - Noon

Steven P Pereira, CSP

and Steve Varnado

Southeastern's School of Nursing, Baton Rouge

02/24/14 - 02/26/14




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