Internships and Volunteers


Internship Opportunity

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Family
and Consumer Sciences, or a related field should consider a field instruction internship
with the Renew or Discovery Family Resource Projects. Interns will have a set schedule
and will gain professional exposure to the following: Parenting Education, Family
Skills Building, Visit Coaching, Kinship Navigator services, Domestic Violence services,
administrative duties, and professional documentation.

Volunteers seeking community service hours are also welcome.

Please contact the Delaney Brady ([email protected]) – Bret Whitehead at ([email protected]) for an interview.



 Interning at Discovery/Renew Family Resource Projects has been a remarkable experience.
I have gained so much knowledge about the social work field, specifically involving
family services and the many resources that are available for children and parents
that are in need of assistance. Renew has also given me the skills to effectively
present curriculum-based parenting programs through group and individualized education.
Throughout the internship, staff members and administrators have been very kind and
helpful, providing me with the knowledge and tools needed to become a successful parent
educator and social work professional. I would highly recommend this agency to future
interns who would like to receive the most out of their field placement.  – Fall 2016


Interning at Discovery has been the most engulfing, humbling, and enlightening experience.
The agency staff welcomed me with open arms and taught me so much about professionalism,
ethics, cultural competency, and empathy. Supervisors are always available for questions
and concerns and make sure that you get to be a part of any experiences you desire
while ensuring that you prioritize your needs.  I have been provided the opportunity
to run full, supervised Family Skills Building sessions – with individual clients
and groups, learn proper documentation, assist in initial assessments and case closures,
as well as work with multiple Kinship clients. I have also had the opportunity to
assist in the Domestic Violence program and have seen first-hand the impact of the
program on a client’s safety and well-being– the Domestic Violence staff is devoted
to client empowerment. Observing the staff’s dedication and motivation to their clients
and ensuring each feels like a priority is inspiring. The agency has shown me the
true reason we enter into the field of social work—to make a difference. Discovery
and its staff have displayed the epitome of the social work profession. Seeing the
impact that I can make in a client’s life has been truly motivating. I am honestly
disappointed the internship is only a single semester. If you are considering Discovery
for a field placement, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. – Madelyn
Antle – Fall 2022.

Good Qualities to Have

Creativity: the ability to take a list of needs and insights and come up with new

Curiosity: a desire to understand the client and why they make the decisions they

Empathy: the ability to relate to the client and uncover their motivations and needs

Enthusiasm: a passion to understand people and provide better services to clients

Punctuality: arrive to appointments on time

Strong Work Ethic: the innate drive to do work extremely well

Things to Consider

All internships/service learning hours are unpaid.

Most services are done in clients’ home, although some are held in an office setting
or a group setting.


Please see your academic advisor on how to get started.