Internships and Service Learning Hours


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Students seeking their Bachelor degree in Social Work, Psychology, Family and Consumer Sciences or a related field should consider a field instruction internship with Discovery.


Interns will have a set schedule and will gain professional exposure to the following:
Parenting Education, Family Life Skills Training, Visit Coaching, administrative duties, and documentation. The learning experience will be supervised by a Licensed Social Worker.





kimnberlyMy position as an intern with RENEW has been remarkable. The experience was more than I could have expected. RENEW allowed me the freedom to develop and maintain individual cases as a professional member of the team. I actually felt like a major contributor in the staffing and group sessions and I was able to assist as well as independently present sessions to clients in parenting education and family life building skills. I have such admiration towards the entire staff at RENEW for their dedication, patience, and passion towards their clients. As each client receives services through RENEW they are given utmost professionalism. I would like to thank the entire staff at RENEW for taking the time to share their expertise and knowledge of the field. It was through these times that I felt I was able to learn and grow the most in developing my skills over the course of my field placement. The staff was most responsive to my request and always made me feel like a full-time member of the group. This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in social work, and shall forever be the bridge that crossed me over into my professional career. Thank you again for helping to make my internship a rewarding experience. - by Kimberly Lewis-Gordon, Social Work Graduate - Fall Semester 2011

 internMy internship placement with RENEW was rewarding beyond measure. The overall experience of interning with the agency has provided me with a great sense of professionalism. The staff at RENEW maintained an environment of respect and presented interns with the chance to gain the knowledge and skills needed in the field of Social Work. I have come to respect the quality of service offered to their clients as well as the patience and guidance I received as an intern. I am truly grateful for the experience gained and will always be thankful to the staff for making my first impression of the Social Work profession a memorable one. This internship has definitely proven to me that I have chosen the correct field and I also hope to provide my clients with the same level of services as RENEW has provided their clients. I can honestly say that all of my uncertainties about being an intern were a "thing of the past" within the first week. I had the opportunity to learn the works of service provision and also provide ideas and feedback on how to improve services to the client population. I actually felt like a part of  the staff, they valued my ideas, as well as presented me with challenges and projects to become a competent professional. I would highly recommend considering RENEW for internship placement and if I had to do it all over, I would choose RENEW "again"! - by Arian Keys - Fall 2012

blessinInterning at Discovery/Renew Family Resource Projects has been a remarkable experience. I have gained so much knowledge about the social work field, specifically involving family services and the many resources that are available for children and parents that are in need of assistance. Renew has also given me the skills to effectively present curriculum-based parenting programs through group and individualized education. Throughout the internship, staff members and administrators have been very kind and helpful, providing me with the knowledge and tools needed to become a successful parent educator and social work professional. I would highly recommend this agency to future interns who would like to receive the most out of their field placement.  - Fall 2016

Good Qualities to Have

Creativity: the ability to take a list of needs and insights and come up with new ideas

Curiosity: a desire to understand the client and why they make the decisions they do

Empathy: the ability to relate to the client and uncover their motivations and needs

Enthusiasm: a passion to understand people and provide better services to clients

Punctuality: arrive to appointments on time

Strong Work Ethic: the innate drive to do work extremely well

Things to Consider

All internships/service learning hours are unpaid.

Most services are done in clients' home, although some are held in an office setting or a group setting.


Please see your academic advisor on how to get started.


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