Information for non-Southeastern Students

What if I'm not currently a Southeastern student?
Southeastern Louisiana University is happy to welcome non-Southeastern students to participate in our Study Abroad programs.  As a non-Southeastern student you will need to apply to Southeastern for the term in which the program will run.  Once you have been accepted, you will be able to apply for the Study Abroad program of your choice.  Here is some useful information on applying to the university, applying to Study Abroad, and getting your transcript after the program has completed.
1.  Applying to Southeastern Louisiana University.
If you are currently a student at another college or university, you should apply as a "Guest Student:"
If you've been out of school for at least three years, you can apply to the "Special Program for Adults:"
If you have recently graduated from college (within the last three years), you will need to apply as a "Graduate Student."
If you have recently graduated from high school (within the last three years), you will need to apply as an undergraduate.

Any questions about the admission process should be directed to the Office of Admissions at 985.549.5637 or

2.  Applying for Southeastern's Study Abroad Program
 Once you've been accepted to Southeastern, you can complete the application for Study Abroad.
3.   Requesting a transcript after the courses have been completed.  
    If you chose to take your Study Abroad courses for credit, you can request a transcript to be sent to your current school, your employer (to verify CEUs), or to yourself for your personal records.

Feel free to contact Study Abroad and Global Engagement at 985.549.2135 should you have any questions