Students in Service

Students in Service

A Campus Compact/AmeriCorps Program


Do you want to make a difference in your community?
Could you use $1,132 to help pay for your education?

Students in Service (SIS) is a part-time AmeriCorps program that encourages and supports college and university students who provide value service in their communities. SIS members make a difference in their communities, gain valuable civic and workforce skills, and upon completion of their term of service, earn an education award.


Students in Service Program Goals:

  • To increase the number of college student volunteers and service learners
  • To help disadvantaged youth succeed and advance along the academic continuum
  • To develop members' and students' civic skills, attitudes, and habits
  • To improve members' and students' workforce skills
  • To engage Veterans (college students) in serving their local communities
  • To build organizational capacity at local non-profit, government, and educational institutions.



How do I earn a scholarship?

To earn the $1,132 scholarship, you must complete 300 hours of service in the community in a year. That works out to be about 6 hours of service a week for one calendar year.



What activities qualify?

  • Academic and co-curricular service-learning
  • Non-paid, academic internships with a non-profit or government agency
  • Practicum hours, such as nursing, counseling, student teachers (in a Title I school), etc.
  • Community service in the areas of education, public safety, environmental initiatives, community development, and human services.
  • Federal or State-funded community service Work Study positions (the only eligible paid positions)
  • Most volunteer work including tutoring, mentoring, environmental restoration, volunteer recruitment, etc.




To participate in SIS, you must be:

  • a citizen, national, or permanent legal resident of the USA
  • at least 17 years old
  • enrolled in at least 6 credits of undergraduate or graduate courses at Southeastern



How can I get involved with SIS?

Southeastern has a limited number of slots for SIS. We welcome applications at any time as slots may be available or may become available.


To participate in Students in Service, you must:

  1. Review the Online Pre-Service Overview, which can be accessed here.
  2. Print and fill out the "Pre-Service Reflection Questionnaire" at the end of the Overview.
  3. Complete the SIS Application.
  4. Bring the questionnaire and the application to the Center for Faculty Excellence in Tinsley Annex.


Contact Information:

Tena Golding