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Student Support Services


"Simply Stated: SUCCESS"


Welcome to Student Support Services, an academic support program financially supported by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Special Projects/TRIO. The Director and staff are qualified and committed to providing services that support and enhance participants' academic, career and personal development skills. Services are designed to prepare participants for a successful college career as well as for the working world after graduation. All services are free of charge to qualified participants. Services include: Tutoring; Mentoring; Academic, Career, Financial Aid, and Graduate School Counseling, Cultural Events, and Workshops.


Each participant has an academic counselor who wears many hats (pre-advisor, campus liaison, mentor, etc.). The Tutor Coordinator arranges tutoring sessions, both drop-in and scheduled, for participants. Junior and senior SSS participants provide mentoring for freshman and sophomore participants. Various workshops addressing study skills, stress management, English, Math and Financial Literacy are provided both online and in a classroom-type setting to enhance academic and personal development skills. Cultural event trips are scheduled during fall and spring to introduce participants to new and diverse cultures. Grant Aid is also a service available to eligible freshman and sophomore participants. Graduate school tours are taken both in Fall and Spring semesters to local universities for Juniors and Seniors that are interested in attending graduate school.


The office offers a nurturing environment that is conducive to learning. Each academic counselor has private office space to allow students privacy to talk about academic and other concerns. The tutoring lab has tutoring rooms that provide privacy and are equipped with computers that have internet access for use during tutoring sessions. A mini-computer lab within the tutoring lab and media center provides a relaxing atmosphere where students feel more comfortable when completing homework assignments. Browse through our website for information that will link you to our services and to the staff, all designed to improve your college experience.