Mentoring Program

“Success Is Determined By Your Level of Determination”

Student Support Services at Southeastern Louisiana University has implemented a Mentoring
Program to assist freshman and sophomore students with academic and personal concerns.
The mentors guide program participants (mentees) in identifying and developing the
knowledge needed to achieve success within the university setting.

A mentor is a caring peer who devotes time to a college student. Mentors all have
a common goal: to help students achieve their potential and discover their strengths.
Their role is to encourage academic and personal development to address participants’
needs by providing support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive examples.


Mentors provide consultation on:


  • Adjusting to college life

  • Exploring careers/majors & setting career goals

  • Making healthy choices about day-to-day obstacles

  • Maintaining academic standards

  • Developing productive study skills

  • Improving self-esteem

  • Strengthening communication skills

  • Utilizing campus resources

  • Staying motivated and focused

For more information on Student Support Services’ Mentoring Program contact our office
985-549-2122 or email [email protected].