Rube Goldberg Challenge

Compete against peers from across the state creating a contraption using all five
simple machines in your own home and earn a trip to NASA Michoud Rocket Assembly Facility
in fall, 2020. Participants will be mailed a set of LEGOs to keep and use along with
household items found and cleverly used to create a machine that works!

Coming this Fall!

Eligible Students: 9th & 10th grade Louisiana GEAR UP students (Click here for the list of eligible schools).  


Required Introductory Zoom Webinar, time TBD

We will eventually send students who have signed up the zoom link to the webinar where
Southeastern Physicist, Dr. Troy Williams, will give you instructions and tips on making
five simple machines out of LEGOs and household items. 

(This challenge is a continuation of the previous Rube Goldberg Challenge) 

Who is Rube Goldberg?

He started off as an engineer then became a cartoonist. His cartoons had machines
in them that were soon turned into projects. A challenge was started in 1987 and has
been happening ever since. Learn more about his story!


Rube Goldberg comic illustration


We’ll send you these LEGOs to use in your challenge and keep! 

LEGO Contraptions LEGO Gadgets


Get Ready!

Rube Goldberg Challenge steps

Steps to get started

  1. Get inspired- watch videos
  2. Check out this Powerpoint
  3. Design a structure
  4. Get supplies- make it fun and use stuff already in the house
  5. Build
  6. Trial and Error
  7. Record a video- watch and tweak structure
  8. repeat 5-6 till its almost perfect

Rube Goldberg Challenge Registration

Important Dates:


To Be Determined.

Dr. Troy Williams will be available for questions for the duration of the contest.