Meet Our Team

Southeastern STILE provides interactive learning experiences for high school students
mentored by Southeastern alumni and undergraduates in STEM related degree programs.
Each one has a passion for STEM and mentoring youth. Check out their bios to learn




mwheeler_headshotDr. Margaret Wheeler, Director of the STILE/GEAR UP

Dr. Wheeler graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Doctorate
in Educational Leadership. She holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance
and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. She is married with three children and four
grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family, teaching bible study, and




Lexi Headshot

Alexis (Lexi) Fiorella-Scamardo, Program Coordinator

I graduated from Southeastern in December of 2020 with a degree in Biological Sciences and
I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Secondary Education. I am a #boymom
to the sweetest two year old. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a snake. I enjoy reading,
writing, learning, and gardening. My favorite advice is “Trust the process.” Let’s
learn something together!







Sydney Acosta – Interative Biology

Hi, my name is Sydney Acosta and I am from Metairie, Louisiana. I’m a senior at Southeastern
and I am majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Integrative Biology.
I’m on a Pre-Dental path and would like to become a pediatric dentist. My hobbies
include crafting and painting. In my free time you can find me playing with fur baby,
Molly, babysitting, working with animals, or napping. The best advice/quote that I’ve
received is “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”


Class(es): English 101 & English 102
Phone Number: ‪(504) 434-2827‬



Jazmine Armwood – Biology Education

Hi, my name is Jazmine Armwood and I am from Watson, Louisiana. I am currently a senior at Southeastern and my major
is Biology Education. My hobbies include anime, k-pop, and geology. I also really
enjoy getting to learn about and experiencing other cultures.  I spend most of my
time studying and listening to music. The best advice that I think students should
hear is that your education is something no one can ever take from you so invest in
it. You should put in the time and effort so that you can be successful.

Class(es): English 101, English 102, Math 105, Math 161, Psychology 101, Sociology 101, Comm 211, Gbio 151, Chem 121, Chem 122, Phys 191, Span 101 & Span 102
Phone Number: (985) 257-2564

MalikMalik Boutan – Computer Science

Hey, I’m Malik Boutan from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I’m a Senior at Southeastern
majoring in Computer science (specifically IT or Information Technology). I tend to
fix, upgrade, or do maintenance on anything with a display that connects to the internet
and learn most software in a few minutes. My hobbies include fixing, building, editing,
or sometimes even reverse engineering practically anything, reading, gaming, and probably
babysitting my roommate’s dog. The best advice I’ve ever heard is “Life has one undeniable
consistency, you. So everything else is either a distraction or motivation. If you
can identify the two and keep them separate, you can do anything.”

Class(es): English 101 English 102
Phone Number: (504) 323-5285

pamelaPamela Henkel – Industrial Technology

My name is Pamela Henkel and I’m from Amite, Louisiana. I’m currently a freshman with
a major in Industrial Technology, with a concentration in Welding Technology. Some
of my interests and hobbies include: aviation, running, and listening to music.




Class(es): Psychology 101, Comm 211, IT 100 & IT 111
Phone Number: (985) 218-0524



haylieHaylie Ory – Ecology

My name is Haylie Ory.I’m from Folsom, LA. This school year I’m a junior in biological sciences for ecology.
After undergrad I plan to get my masters, hopefully here at Southeastern and from
there get my PhD. In my free time you will most likely find me reading or hanging
out with my friends to study.  The best advice I could ever give to a peer would be
to always look on the bright side.



Class(es): English 101, English 102, Gbio 106Gbio 107, & Gbio 151
Phone Number:  (504) 434-2940



 Catherine Paille – Ecologycatherine

I’m Catherine and I’m from Covington, Louisiana. I’m a Biology major with a concentration
in Ecology and I am a sophomore here at Southeastern. I like to garden and write as
my hobbies and I love anything that has to do with the environment! My best advice
is to take time for yourself and to keep moving forward even in the face of difficulties.



Class(es): English 101, English 102, Math 161, Gbio 151 & Chem 121
Phone Number: (985) 888-0267‬ 




Shelby Powell – Pre Med

My name is Shelby Powell. I’m from Covington, LA. I am a junior majoring in Integrative
Biology specifically Pre-Med. I am an ambassador for BUgS (Biology Undergraduate Society).
I spend most of my time studying but when I am not I’m typically watching shows, in
the vertebrae museum or hanging out with friends. I love mushrooms, my favorite is
the inky cap. My best advice is to not overwork yourself and to take a break when
you need one.


Class(es): English 101, English 102, Psychology 101, Sociology 101, Comm 211, Gbio 106, Gbio 107 & Gbio 151
Phone Number: (985) 276-9686


Triston Siskron – Pre Medtriston

Hey, my name is Triston Siskron. I am from Bossier City, LA, and I am a Senior in
Pre Med Biology. I also have two degrees from ULM that are in Psychology and Occupational
Therapy. In my free time I like to read and play video games. I also love sports and
currently play rugby at Southeastern. The best advice I have ever received was from
a coach of mine that said, “Never stop chasing your dreams. The moment you stop chasing
is the moment that you have failed yourself and the others who believed in you.”


Phone Number: (985) 257-2667



Jalen TrahanJalen Trahan – Physics

My name is Jalen Trahan, from Lafayette Louisiana. I am currently a Sophomore at Southeastern
Louisiana University and I am studying Physics. Most of my hobbies consist of Traveling
and playing sports, specifically Basketball but I am super competitive at most sports
I play. The best advice that I’ve been given and now share to others is to make the
most of every day and every opportunity. Make as many connections as possible and
life will become much more enjoyable.


Class(es): Math 105
Phone Number: 


Jalani Woods

Jalani Woods – Engineering Technology

Hi, my name is Jalani Woods. I am from Baton Rouge and I am majoring in Electrical
Engineering. My hobbies include games, movies, and hanging out with friends. The best
advice I can give is you can’t get the results you want without putting in the work. 



Class(es): English 101
Phone Number: (225) 395-9364





alonzaAlonza Hill – Accounting

I’m a senior Accounting major who grew up in New Roads, Louisiana. I eventually want
to work for non-profits after I complete my degree. I enjoy helping others and creating
things that make people happy. In my free time I like to garden, paint, read and watch

My best advice is, “Don’t be afraid to fail. It’ll help you learn how to be better.”