girl with netTurtle Cove is an environmental research station primarily focused on wetlands ecology, which tends to dictate the field equipment available to researchers and students. Sometimes equipment has been transferred to the main campus for various reasons, or from the Galva Classroom/Brown Storage Shed to Turtle Cove.


If you need specific equipment for your research or classes, please contact Robert Moreau [] prior to your trip to see if we have it. A good rule of thumb is to plan on bringing any specific sorts of equipment or supplies that you might need.


The following list is a sample of the equipment available either at Turtle Cove or the classroom.


  • Dredges (including Eckman, Ponar, and basket-type towed dredges)

  • Seines (100', 50', 25', 10', both bagged and standard)

  • Dipnets (varying mesh sizes)

  • Trawls (25' otter trawl)

  • Gill nets (varying lengths and mesh sizes)

  • Microscopes (dissecting and compound scopes, enough for class use)

  • Dissection tools

  • Collection jars and preservation chemicals

  • Plant drying oven

  • Wet tables for work on fish and other aquatic organisms

  • Flow-through water system (cycles water from Pass Manchac through lab and outdoor aquaria)

  • Secchi disks

  • Plankton nets (varying mesh sizes)

  • Bottom plankton nets (towed)

  • Imhoff cones

  • Insect nets (aerial and sweep nets)

  • Small mammal traps (live traps)

  • Water quality test kits

  • Aquatic Viewing Scopes

  • Binoculars

  • Electro-fishing equipment (backpack)

  • Fiberglass holding tanks (~2000 gallon)

  • Fiberglass crab shedding tables

  • Water testing meters (pH, salinity, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen)

  • Minnow traps

  • Sediment corers

  • Sediment sieves