Editorial Staff

The Gambit editorial staff is made up of student editors representing each genre of the publication. Their job is to look for quality, content, originality, and creativity in student work. Faculty advisors, representing each genre, work with student editors to ensure only the best work is showcased in each publication.



Chad Foret

Executive Editor

This is my second Graduate Assistantship but my first in the department. I'm pursuing a Master's degree in Creative Writing and concentrating mainly on fiction. I liked to draw a lot growing up but didn't often read and never wrote. I began to truly read and trying to write about three years ago in an elective course I wasn't, at the time, eager about. I feel I've recently developed better writing habits but am confident I'll say that again three years from now.





Brooke Bajon

Art Editor

My name is Brooke Bajon and I am an English major, class of 2013, with an avid appreciation and love for the arts. Painting is what strikes my interest the most and is what I enjoy doing in my free time. I have helped organize art shows in the past and have been fortunate enough to sell a few of my paintings. Making art is an important part of life, for it is an outlet for the soul to shine and a chance for it to dance through the artist's fingers and into being.





Nicholas Brilleaux

Video Editor

I am a second year graduate student in public history and the video editor for Manchac Review. Over the past several years I have freelanced as a filmmaker, serving clients ranging from local musicians to large corporations. I look forward to eventually utilizing my video experience for presenting history to a public audience. However, I still regard collaborating with friends and other filmmakers on artistic or satirical short films as a favorite activity.


Faculty Committee

Dr. Jayetta Slawson, Chairperson

Professor Andree Cosby, Poetry Advisor

Professor David Armand, Fiction Advisor

Professor Alan Marsh, Drama Advisor

Dr. Edward Morin, Art and Video Advisor

Dr. Jason Landrum, Technical Advisor

Dr. Joel Fredell, Technical Advisor