Reconnect to Success


A partnership between Southeastern Louisiana University and Northshore Technical Community College


The Reconnect to Success Program between Southeastern and NTCC is available to provide educational solutions for a path toward success for Southeastern students who are placed on academic suspension. 


Southeastern Louisiana University and Northshore Technical Community College have collaborated on a program that enables students who are suspended at Southeastern to continue to earn credit toward their Southeastern degree while sitting out their term of suspension at Southeastern.  The Reconnect to Success Program provides eligible suspended students with a seamless transitional period of one fall semester or one spring semester during which they will take NTCC courses that have been approved by their Southeastern advisor as courses that will apply toward their Southeastern degree or will help the student be successful.


Your Courses:

All participants in the Reconnect to Success program will take a mandatory 3-hour Student Success Pathways course, developed jointly by both Southeastern and NTCC faculty. Students will then enroll in up to 9-hours of additional courses from the list at the link below. These NTCC courses are equivalent to Southeastern's courses and therefore will count toward their Southeastern degree. Once students sign up for the program, they will receive an email from the program coordinator at NTCC requesting a meeting to complete the enrollment process.


Courses offered on Southeastern's Main Campus


Choose courses from the Southeastern Equivalent Courses list in order to receive credit toward your Southeastern degree.  The courses on the Technical Courses List will not transfer to Southeastern.  Southeastern advisors will work closely with you and their NTCC counterparts to ensure that you take the courses you need and are prepared to be successful when you resume your studies at Southeastern. 


Your Cost:

There are no application or transfer-of-data fees associated with this program and all of the classes are taught at NTTC’s Southeastern Campus, north campus Main Building. You will pay NTCC’s regular tuition and fees, approximately $2,100 for a 12-hour course load (for Louisiana residents), plus certain additional Southeastern fees (approximately $350.00) that will cover all the same services you’re accustomed to receiving at Southeastern such as your ID card, textbook rental, the Lion Traxx shuttle, the counseling center, the health center, and any applicable course/laboratory fees.  You will pay all tuition and fees directly to NTCC.  Just sign up for the program by completing the short form at the link below and we will take care of the rest.


Your Financial Aid:

If you are currently receiving a PELL grant, you may be eligible for PELL grant funds at NTCC. To begin that process, the first thing you will need to do is add NTCC’s school code (006756) to your FAFSA.  You can either add it online yourself at or sign a “correction form” at Southeastern’s Financial Aid office and they will add it for you.  Once you add NTCC’s School code, you will receive further instructions and information directly from NTCC’s Financial Aid Office.


Room and Board:

If you currently live on campus and would like to continue to reside on campus, you may request special approval to purchase room and board while participating in the Reconnect to Success program.  If approval is granted, the regular published residence hall and meal plan rates will apply and must be paid directly to NTCC.  Please let us know that you would like to be considered for the room and board option by indicating so in the comment box on the Reconnect to Success sign-up form. 


Register Here


After Reconnect to Success:

Reconnect to Success students will be eligible to participate in early-registration for their next semester(s) at Southeastern when early-registration opens.  At the conclusion of the Reconnect to Success semester, the NTCC classes and grades that are equivalent to Southeastern courses will automatically be added to your academic record and you will resume your studies at Southeastern without interruption. 


Note:  If you choose to appeal your suspension through your Southeastern academic dean (refer to option 1 in the original suspension letter), and if the appeal is denied, you will still have the option to participate in the Reconnect to Success program as long as you sign up before NTCC classes begin. 


For Question or Assistance:

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