CAB as a Resource

Do you need assistance planning your organization's event or program? CAB can help!
CAB offers Event and Marketing Consulting as well as a space to work. 
Would your organization like to meet with a CAB executive board member to learn more about event planning, marketing, etc? Sign up for a consulting appointment here!
The CAB office is open to all student organizations as a resource and shared work space every Thursday (except event days) from 1:00pm-4:30pm.
Resources available*: 
  • Office Work Space
  • Access to basic office supplies (scissors, staplers, hole punch, etc.)
  • Computers (Mac and PC)
  • Computer Software (Adobe Cloud, Microsoft Office)
  • Some basic printing available
*This space is shared with the CAB Executive Board members. Please be mindful that not all resources will be available every time due to the work of the Executive Board Members. 
  • Cultivate a community of individuals who understand and plan successful events.
  • Provide a professional outlet for future event planners to gain knowledge and experience, develop skills, and network.
  • Provide a space for information sharing and networking.
  • Promote professionalism of the event planning community.
  • Promote excellence and best practices in the event industry.