Equipment Request

Terms of Equipment Reservation

  1. Request must be made a minimum of 5 business days before your program or event.
  2. Items are reserved by equipment only. CAB does not supply additional needed items
    such as extension cords, power strips, popcorn seed, syrups, oils, cotton candy sugars,
    etc. If you need these items please contact CAB about where to purchase the correct
    items needed.
  3.  You all accept full responsibility for the equipment while in your organization’s
    and/or department’s care. You all will return it the exact same manner it was received;
    meaning completely clean and fully functioning. It will be checked upon return.
  4. You all understand it is your department and/or your organization’s full responsibility
    for the reimbursement of the equipment and/or damage. If it is returned in a damaged
    state, the Coordinator of the Campus Activities Board will contact you.
  5. You are responsible for picking up and storing the equipment during the duration of
    your reservation. Items may not be dropped off at the CAB office, they must be checked
    back in by a CAB staff member.
  6. If the items are returned later than the date and time specified (without previous
    approval by a CAB staff member) within your request, your organization and/or department
    might result in the inability to reserve equipment from the Campus Activities Board
    in the future. CAB items are reserved daily by multiple groups; it is not fair if
    you all return your item(s) late and make another group late to their events.
  7. You should give credit and thanks to the Campus Activities Board for the use of the
    item(s) at the said event or program. Some ideas include a shoutout on any social
    media platform, an announcement during your event, or putting our logo on the fliers
    used for the event; other credits are welcomed but must be approved. Please provide
    proof of this (through a screenshot), by sending it to [email protected] before
    you return your item(s).
  8. You all understand that if you fail to meet these terms it may result in disciplinary
    action with the Office of Advocacy and Accountability, the inability to reserve equipment
    from the Campus Activities Board in the future, as well as a fee to replace item(s).
  9. I understand that will be contacted within 5 business days, if you do not get a response
    within that time frame I may email or call for a reservation status update.
  10. Request made under 5 business days before your event or program might not be granted


Equipment Request Form


If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Activities Board Operations Manager
at [email protected]