Ace the Interview

Ace the Interview


Don't assume you can simply walk into an interview and answer a few questions. Ask any recruiter and they will tell you that preparation and practice are key to a successful interview. The information found here is designed to help you discover and then communicate to the employer in an interview what you have to offer their organization.


Interview Preparation »

As mentioned before, interview preparation is key! Here you will find the necessary steps to follow to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your upcoming interview.


Avoiding Interview Mistakes »

Your hard work has paid off and you finally have a job interview and you know how critical that interview is... what you may not be aware of are some common, and not so common, mistakes people often make in the interview process. Here you will find advice on those mistakes so you can be aware of what not to do when you are in the hot seat.


Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me! »

Conducting an effective job search and communicating your skill set is an interview is difficult to do without knowing your career interests and the related knowledge and skills you possess. Determining your Top 10 Personality Characteristics and Skills can assist you in better understanding what you have to offer an employer!


How Do I Research Companies? »

Employers expect to be familiar with their organization as well as the position for which you applied and are interviewing. It is important to THOROUGHLY research companies AND positions before the job interview, and use the information you obtain to demonstrate your knowledge and interest to the interviewer. The more information you have on the company and position, the better prepared you'll be!


Sample Interview Questions and Answers »

These Sample Interview Questions will not only help you prepare for questions you may be asked by an interviewer, but they will also give you insight into information you should take into consideration when formulating your answer. You may also go to Optimal Resume to view sample questions and answers for interviewing.


Appropriate and Inappropriate Questions for You to Ask »


Behavioral Interviewing »

Behavioral interviewing is the most common interviewing method used by employers. Follow these tips to be better prepared to answer the behavioral interview questions you are likely to be asked.


The Telephone Interview »

Telephone interviews are becoming a more common first step in the interview process. Unfortunately, many candidates do not take the phone interview seriously as an interview but view it as a phone conversation. You should be just as prepared and serious about a telephone interview as you are about an in-person interview.


Professional Dress Guidelines »

Dressing professionally is yet another key to a good impression and successful interview. You want to make sure you present a professional image when you meet with a potential employer. Here you will find some tips on what to wear to an interview.


Post-Interview Tips »

Many people tend to think, "The interview is over, now I can relax." Not so fast... There are a few things you should do after the interview to continue to set yourself apart from other candidates and show that you are the number one choice. Check out these post-interview tips to get started.


Second Interview Preparation »

It's gratifying to be called for a second or subsequent interview because you are another step closer to the job. Don't blow it now! Read our second-interview do's and don'ts.


Once you have reviewed the resources found here, our Career Counselor is available to administer a mock interview and provide you with some final suggestions and feedback before you meet with an employer. Contact our office at (985) 549-2121 or email for more information.


Appointments with a Career Counselor for interview services are available to Juniors, Seniors, Master's Students, and Alumni only.