Resume Referrals

Resume Referrals


With our Resume Referral service, Career Services will forward you resumes of graduating seniors, graduate students, and alumni registered with our office that meet the qualifications that you specify for the position you are seeking to fill.


From that pool of resumes, you select those applicants you wish to interview, contact them, and conduct the interview at your company location.


Please note that employers must provide specific salary information for full-time job opportunities to receive resume referrals. Our office, unless otherwise approved by the employer, will keep this information private and confidential.


Request a Resume Referral 


Please be aware of the following factors regarding Resume Referrals:


1) Career Services does not notify students/alumni that their resumes are sent to an employer when a Resume Referral request is made. When you contact students/alumni using the resumes you receive via this service, please inform them that you obtained their resume from Career Services.


2) Students/alumni are not required to notify Career Services when they have found employment or are no longer seeking employment. Therefore,


a. Your resume referral will likely contain resumes of students/alumni who are not actively searching for job opportunities.


b. Contact information on the resumes can be outdated, rendering your ability to contact a student/alumnus ineffective.


3) Resume Referrals are provided for only full-time degree-requiring positions.


4) Resume Referrals cannot be provided to third party recruiters or staffing entities.