In the Classroom

One of Career Services' goals is to help bridge academic and career development, while improving the career and graduate outcomes instrumental to the strategic plans of academic departments. We look forward to collaborating with you on this initiative.

To assist in this process, we've outlined several options for you to integrate career planning and development into your course curriculum. Wondering how much time you can dedicate to adding more assignments? Don't worry! Below, we've listed multiple ways to easily incorporate career planning in your courses, regardless of how much time you have available in your course or your level of expertise in career development topics. Continue scrolling and expand each heading to learn more.



Embed the 8 Career Competencies in Your Syllabus & Current Assignments

Your syllabus is a crucial document outlining your course expectations and assignments. Integrating career readiness into your courses and adding it on the Skills section of your syllabus is an easy way to integrate career development in your curriculum. Why? The career readiness competencies, identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), are skill sets that students are already acquiring in your courses; however, many students just need assistance connecting the dots. Click to see a syllabus example (.docx).

Additionally, students are gaining a variety of transferable skills throughout your current class assignments, but may not know or understand the importance of these skills in the workplace. Continue to reiterate, provide feedback, and have students reflect on their transferable skills related to your current class assignments. Consider the following:

  • Case studies allow students to develop critical thinking/problem-solving skills, research skills, and written communication.

  • Class discussions allow students to develop oral communication, application of knowledge, and collaboration skills.

  • Presentations allow students to develop teamwork, oral & written communication, critical thinking/problem-solving, and information technology use.


Enhance Your Curriculum with Career Development Assignments

Students attend college to further their career development. Consider adding a career-related topic and activity in your course curriculum to assist students in this process. We want to make it easy for you! Choose from our of our pre-developed career development assignments for a course grade or extra-credit. You can present the activity as an in-class assignment or request that a Career Services staff member visit your class to introduce the importance and facilitate discussion. Don’t have classroom time available? No problem! Many of these activities transition easily to an out-of-class assignment to have students turn in.


Share a Career Services Video or Webinar

Visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel for various informational micro-learning videos, pre-recorded webinars, and exciting new developments happening in our office. Share with students in class to encourage discussion or add a reflection assignment.


Request a Career Development Presentation - Coming Soon