TypeFocus is an interactive tool that has helped thousands of individuals plan and validate their next steps using the integration of self reflection and the exploration of career options. The TypeFocus program uses self-assessment of your personality, interests, values, and skills to generate customized reports, which help people understand themselves better so they can choose more effective career strategies.

The TypeFocus program is designed for all students and alumni
and can assist you in any step of your career journey.


For students in their first 30 credit hours: You will be introduced to the TypeFocus program in the SE 101 course with a focus on self awareness of your personality, interests, values, and skills and how that integrates into your major and career decisions.

For students with 30+ credit hours: Meet with your ACE coach to review your results and assess your strengths, explore occupations and Southeastern majors, and set goals.

For seniors and alumni: Confirm your next steps and become career ready! Meet with a career counselor in the Office of Career Services to confirm your career direction, measure your career readiness, and further your understanding of what it takes to succeed on the job!

 New User


TypeFocus has been a leading developer of online personality type and career assessment resources since 1997. Created with your career needs in mind, TypeFocus offers a step-by-step program to meet and exceed them.

1. Self-assessment

TypeFocus’s self-assessment uses multiple career assessment criteria such as personality, interests, values, and skills to help students/alumni know themselves more completely, and provide an overall understanding of an individual’s natural strengths and preferences.

2. Occupation Exploration

Based on your assessment results, students/alumni will discover which occupations suit them best through occupation exploration.

3. Create Your Career Roadmap

By setting goals, students/alumni are able to decide where they want to go and create a succinct plan on how to get there, when they create their career roadmap.

4. Career Readiness

Integration of the NACE 8 Core Competencies into the Typefocus program, allows students/alumni to measure their career readiness based on the standards set forth by the collaboration of employers and universities across the country.

5. Get the Job

By focusing on their strengths, students/alumni are able to improve their success, gain confidence, and get the job they want.

6. Success

Lastly, success on the job is created by understanding the secret to long term success, which is simply to meet the needs of your employer.