Meet our Staff

Dr. Tena L. Golding photo


Tena L.Golding

As the Center's director, Tena works closely with our Faculty Excellence Committee and support staff to generate a faculty driven agenda where programs and activities are a direct response to faculty needs and requests. She is a Professor of Mathematics with over 28 years of teaching experience and can assist you with all aspects of faculty life.


Dane Bounds photo

Dane Bounds
Lab Coordinator/Manager

Dane keeps the Center's electronic equipment functioning properly and oversees checkout of our loaner equipment. He can assist faculty members with problems and projects that involve the use of technology in teaching, learning, and research.


Gayle Campbell photo

Gayle Campbell
Technology Coordinator, Blackboard Administrator

Gayle identifies, selects, administers and supports technology that assists faculty in course authoring, delivery and administration. She can help faculty and staff develop multimedia presentations for use in the classroom or conferences. Gayle conducts training for Blackboard and desktop applications.



Pattie Steib

Pattie Steib
Curriculum/Distance Learning Specialist

Pattie assists faculty with the selection of appropriate technologies to achieve distance learning objectives and in adapting curriculum for electronic or multimedia delivery. She collaborates with faculty on integrating on-line technologies-email, chatrooms, discussion boards-for effective student/teacher interactions.

Cindy Vernon photo

Cindy Vernon
Administrative Assistant


Cindy is the initial contact person for the Center. She processes grant applications and disbursements, reserves space for you at Center workshops, and can direct you to the appropriate consultant for support.


Abby Morrow



Otto Massoni

Graduate Assistant

Josie David

Graduate Assistant

Katie Moore Photo     Moise Pirosca
Katie Moore

Valerie Melara

Student Worker

Moise Pirosca

Student Worker