Blackboard Information

Welcome to Blackboard at Southeastern!

Blackboard is a program that allows instructors to create, deliver, and manage web-based components for courses. It can be used to add online elements to a traditional course, or to develop completely online courses with few or no face-to-face meetings.


Blackboard is located from



Logging In

Students and Faculty should login to Blackboard using their wnumber and password. The password is authenticated with the email and LEO password. Changes to passwords should be made through the Account Information and Password Change for Email and LEONet (PeopleSoft). The Operations Department in McClimans Hall should be contacted if there is difficulty with your password.


Course Generation


Blackboard courses will be generated automatically using the Registrar's data. The Blackboard ids for Fall 2010 start with the  prefix "2108". 


If you do not see your course listed in your Blackboard account, it means that the Registrar's data is incomplete in LEONet.  Your department office adds this data into LEONet.


The Blackboard Administrator will run batch updates to Blackboard between 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Monday - Friday beginning a few weeks before semester starts.




With the elimination of late registration, students must be more careful in making course selection decisions.  To aid in these decisions, faculty are asked to utilize Blackboard to make basic course information available as early as possible�preferably prior to the beginning of the semester.  This request will allow students, whether enrolled in your class or not, the ability to view your course syllabus.


In addition, a syllabus validation tool has been placed in the Course Information area of each Blackboard course.  Faculty should ask students to review the syllabus first and ask questions before attempting to complete the syllabus validation.  The tool contains one statement, “Please validate that you have read and understood the course policies and procedures as outlined in the course syllabus.” 



QUICK STEPS:  adding your syllabus into Course Information

  1. In Edit Mode, on the Course Menu, click the Course Information Area.
  2. On the Course Information's Action Bar, click Create Item.
  3. On the Add Item page, for Name, type Syllabus.
  4. Enter text or other content in the Text box. Use the Text Editor to format it, if desired. The information appears below the item's Name.
  5. Optionally, browse for a file to attach either from your hard drive or USB flash drive.
  6. Select the Options for availability, viewing tracking, and Date and Time Restrictions.
  7. Click Submit.


QUICK STEPS:   How to set the Course Availability 

  1. Go into your course
  2. Go to Course Management
  3. Click the down arrows next to "Customization"
  4. Choose "Properties"   
    -In section 3,  "Make this course available to users?" 
    -Choose "Yes" 
    -Scroll down and click "submit"


You will find excellent tutorials in the Blackboard Support for Faculty site in Bb 9.  All faculty have been enrolled into the support site as a student. You will see the support site listed in "My Courses" when you login to Bb 9.  



Additional Information


Copying Course Content

Each semester an empty, Blackboard course shell will be created for each course you are teaching. If you want to reuse materials from previous semesters, you can export/import the content from your old course site into your empty course shell for the new semester. The export/import feature allow you to copy the entire, or selected, contents of one course directly into another.  The Center offers hands-on workshops on how to use the course copy function of Blackboard (Visit the Center's calendar).   

Combining Sections

Sections that are officially combined in the Registrar's records will have a Blackboard course shell that contains all of the students from the combined sections.  In addition, separate Blackboard shells are generated for each individual section.

For instance, English 448/548 section 01 will have 3 course shells generated:

1) combined shell - English 448/548 section 01

2) separate shell - English 448 section 01

3) separate shell - English 548 section 01

Faculty have the flexibility of choosing to use one or all of the shells they want to develop and set available to students. If one of the two sections for the officially combined sections is canceled, the combination site will be disabled during the batch processes. If you feel it is possible for one of your sections to be canceled, we advise you to use the two separate sites until the batch processes are over.

Special action will be taken for course sections that are not officially combined in the Registrar's records but faculty want to have combined into one Blackboard course shell. For instance, if you want sections 90NT and 91NT combined. Contact the Blackboard Administrator and submit the course name, section numbers and thecomputer numbers.

Getting Assistance

Faculty should call 985-549-5791 or 985-549-3634 during regular work hours.

To report Blackboard problems after hours, faculty should call the Office of Technology Operations Office at 985-549-3641 .

Students should be directed to the Blackboard and Online Learning Help Desk.  They may be reached by phone at 985-549-2700 (choose option 1) or e-mail at