Enhancement Grants



The Center for Faculty Excellence awards Enhancement Grants to fund projects designed to increase your productivity and effectiveness as a scholar
and teacher. These grants are  awarded in the fall semester, and all funds must be
spent by April 15 of the current fiscal year.

How much is awarded?

Up to $700.00 per academic year.  Only one submission per faculty member is allowed.

Who can apply?

Full-time faculty holding rank, excluding those holding administrative appointments
above the level of department head

What expenses are covered by the grant?

The Center solicits proposals in two areas:


Teaching: Funds are available for projects and activities contributing to the advancement of
teaching and learning. Proposed projects may enhance courses with technology, encourage
classroom engagement and interaction, promote innovative and cross-disciplinary collaboration,
and establish partnerships with outside agencies to enrich the learning experience
and/or improve professional practice experiences of Southeastern students.

Research or Scholarly/Creative Activity: Funds are available to offset certain costs associated with your research or scholarly/creative
activity such as materials, equipment, expendable supplies, and student assistance.
These funds may be used to support the development of proposals for external funding
of research.

What expenses that are NOT covered?

 Including but not limited to:

  • Certifications
  • Licensing Renewals
  • Publishing Fees
  • Memberships
  • Reassign Time
  • Travel
  • Salary Supplement

What are the procedures for purchasing covered expenses?


All purchases must be made using the Center’s P-Card.  Grant recipients must make
an appointment with the Center’s Administrative Assistant to make purchases:  
[email protected] or 985-549-5791.  All monies must be encumbered by April 1 of the current fiscal year.

Please be reminded that internal grant funds are public monies; therefore, they must
be managed in accordance with State procedures.  This means (1) processing funds through
specific numbered budget categories; (2) completing the necessary purchase requisitions,
travel authorizations, etc. IN ADVANCE of any expenditure; and (3) following requirements
to use specific vendors (University Bookstore, state contractors, etc.).  Remember
that all materials and/or equipment purchased with these monies are the property of
Southeastern Louisiana University.

What are the requirements for receiving the grant?

  1. Submit to the Center a brief written report within one year after the funded activity.
    The report should describe the impact of the activity/experience. The purpose of this
    report is to validate the effectiveness of the grant program and to build documentation
    in support of continued funding for the program. Faculty who do not submit annual
    reports will not be eligible for future Center grants.
  2. Participate in the Center’s Faculty Conference on Teaching, Research & Creativity, which is held each fall.  The conference is designed to highlight the projects and
    disseminate the results to other Southeastern faculty.  If you are unable to participate,
    you may elect to participate the following fall semester.  Faculty are not eligible
    to receive another Enhancement Grant until this requirement is met.

Previously funded Project Titles

  • The Arsenal of Democracy: Exploring Rhetorical History in WWII (field trip to WWII
  • Late-Leaving & the Adult Child’s Residential Return to the Parental Home: A Systematic
    Review with Meta-Analyses
  • Enhancing Student Learning with Child Life Teaching Tools
  • Enhancing Biofeedback experiences for Kinesiology & Health Studies Major
  • A prototype for recognizing brain activity by means of EEG & fNIR signals
  • Alligator Immune Systems & Transcriptomes
  • Real World Ready Learning with Arts Professionals in Photography
  • Video Equipment for Broadcast Students
  • The Visiting Artist Initiative IV with Martha Colburn
  • Once Upon a Time in the Park
  • Cross-Platform Web App for Career Fair Program
  • Use of Stata Statistical Software for Data Analysis
  • It’s All about Lifeguarding
  • Ouch! Worry Free Pediatric Nursing Procedures
  • Acquisition of Teaching Laboratory Supplies for Medical Parasitology & Invertebrate
    Zoology Courses
  • Engaging Students through Video Capture of Parasites
  • Making a Grand Entrance: Understanding the Fetal Movements in the Maternal Pelvis