Support Groups

Disclaimer: These groups will not be Counseling Groups. These groups are Support Groups. Discretion is encouraged, but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If presenting concerns warrant further treatment, a referral to the UCC will be made.

If you have any requests for groups or other outreach events, please fill out our form here.

LION UP Recovery Book Club

The LION UP Recovery Book Club is a weekly Recovery Book Discussion support group. Join us as we read through the The Book of Narcotics Anonymous.  The support group is open to all those who are interested. The purpose is to bring faculty, students and staff together for meaningful discussion around topics of recovery. Participants discuss the reading, what they learned and what they can relate to. This group hosts a moderator and a tag-pass format. 

Tuesday at 12:30 in the (Above Starbucks - Student Union Annex - Room 2409 at the LION UP Recovery Space)


All Bodies are Good Bodies

All Bodies are Good Bodies  - Research shows that body dissatisfication is the leading risk in the development of an eating disorder. This is a compassionate space to process feelings, thoughts and behaviors that lead to healthy habits and body image.

Wednesday at  11am ( Above Starbucks - Student Union Annex Room 2409 at the LION UP Recovery Space)



T-Break support group for individuals in looking at their relationship with marijuana, and or may want to take a Tolerance Break. This support group looks at stratagies to help ease in to taking a break. 

TBA - email for times (Student Union Annex - Room 2409 - above Starbucks - The LION UP Recovery Space)


The Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect is a support group designed to provide concerned significant others the tools they need to effectively support their loved one, without supporting the addictive behavior. This support group is open to anyone with a friend or family member who is struggling with substance misuse as well as those wo may have been impacted by overdose or substance use of another at anytime. 

Wednesdays at 12:30 (At the Student Union Annex - Room 2409 - Above Starbucks - at the LION Up Recovery Space)


Southeastern Recovery Night

Southeastern Recovery Night is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem, and help others in their struggle with addiction. This Recovery Night is not A.A. or any other traditional 12- step program. It is however, our desire to recognize and affirm milestones of recovery in all 12-step programs, as well as addictions for which an appropriate 12-step group may not even exist.

Wednesdays at 5 pm (Above Starbucks - Student Union Annex Room 2409 -  at the LION UP Recovery Space)