Postal Information for Students


Receiving and Sending Packages and Mail

Campus Housing Residents can receive and send mail and packages at The Document Source
during our regular hours of operation. When a package or letter is received, The Document
Source will send you an email to inform you that it is ready for pickup. To save time
only respond for pickup after you receive an email from The Document Source. Disregard
notification from the carrier or the vendor that it is delivered.

Campus Housing Students should use the following address to receive USPS, UPS, and FedEx mail and packages:

NAME OF STUDENT (First and Last Legal Names)
c/o 303 UNION AVENUE, STE 1401

A Picture ID is required to pick up packages and Mail.

Obtaining and Closing a Campus Rental Box

Campus Mail boxes are available for rent to Faculty, Staff, Students (commuters),
and anyone in the surrounding community. The total cost for mail box rental for the
Fall or Spring semester is $16.00 and Summer semester is $8.00. This can be paid via check, credit/debit card, Apple Pay (or other electronic payment) or Lion’s Lagniappe(with picture ID).

If you are interested in renting a Mail Box stop by the Document Source Print and
Mail Center located in the Student Union, Room 1401.

Mail is accessible during The Document Source regular business hours only.

Boxes must be closed or renewed by the deadline advertised via box notices and notices
posted on the university webmail login page. Failure to meet the deadline will result
in box closure and a $25 fee.

Box renewals or closures must be done in person at the Document Source. Please remember
to fill out a Change of Address form upon closure of your box so that mail may be
forwarded to your new address.

Federal law prohibits mail from being permanently forwarded from an open box. You
must close the box and complete a Change of Address form in person (signature and W# is required).