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Southeastern Louisiana University School Code:  002024


How do I apply for financial aid?

To apply for federal financial aid, you and your parents, if applicable, need to first
apply for a FSA ID at The FSA ID is used to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information
and electronically signing your federal student aid documents. you should then submit a
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and include Southeastern’s school code 002024.

Is my financial aid complete?

Log in to your LeoNet self-service and navigate to your To Do List. We will list any
documentation that is required there. Forms may be downloaded here.

How do I accept my award?

To accept your award, log into your LeoNet Self-Service and navigate to Campus Finances,
Accept/Decline Awards. You are able to accept the entire amount of aid offered or
you can decrease the amount of loans offered to you by updating the amount before
accepting/submitting. More detailed instructions on accepting awards can be found here.  

What if I am a first time borrower?

All first time borrowers must complete the Master Promissory Note and the Entrance
Counseling at  Both of these requirements must be complete in order for loans to disburse to your
Student Account.

How does my parent apply for the Parent PLUS Loan?

To apply for a Parent PLUS Loan, your parent will go to and log
in with their information and complete the parent plus loan application. The approved
loan will be in their name and they will have to start repayment in 60 days after
the loan is fully disbursed. They must also complete the Promissory Note upon approval.
If the parent is denied, the student can receive an additional unsubsidized loan in
the student’s name. More information regarding the Parent PLUS Loan can be found here.

What is the difference between the Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loan?

The subsidized loan is a need-based loan that the federal government pays the interest
on while you are in school. For the unsubsidized loan the interest starts to accrue
as soon as it is disbursed. For additional information regarding federal loans please click here.

What are loan limits?

There are annual loan limits based on your classification and dependency status.

  • Dependent Student
      • 1st year – $3,500 subsidized – $5,500 total
      • 2nd year – $4,500 subsidized – $6,500 total
      • 3rd and 4th year – $5,500 subsidized – $7,500 total
  • Independent Student
      • 1st year – $3,500 subsidized – $9,500 total
      • 2nd year – $4,500 subsidized – $10,500 total
      • 3rd and 4th – $5,500 subsidized – $12,500 total
  • Graduate Student
      • $20,500 only unsubsidized loans

There are lifetime loan limits based on your dependency status

  • Dependent student – $23,000 subsidized – $31,000 total
  • Independent student – $23,000 subsidized – $57,500 total
  • Graduate student – 138,000 total

More information can be found on or by visiting their Subsidized Unsubsidized Eligibility page.

How can I apply for scholarships?

Students can log into their LeoNet Self-Service and click on Scholarship On-Line Inquiry. You may also check out our
Scholarships page.

What do I need to do if my circumstances change, for example my parent, spouse or
I have had a decrease of income or my parents are now divorced?

These extenuating circumstances should be discussed with your financial aid counselor.
You will be required to bring in documentation. You can begin the process by contacting
your financial aid counselor..

How do I pay for my tuition and housing?

Once your aid is accepted and the funds are disbursed to the University, monies will
be applied first to tuition and then to the remainder of your account balance. If
there are funds left over after you balance is paid in full, the remainder will be
sent to the student as a refund.

I have completed my FAFSA, what is my next step?

It can take up to a week for your FAFSA information to load into Southeastern’s system.
Once this amount of time has passed, you will want to log-in to your LEOnet account
and check your To-Do List (you can find the to-do list on the homepage of your LEOnet,
this will be on the right-hand side of the page) Additional paperwork may be needed
before you can access award amounts. You can find financial aid worksheets and forms here.

  • You can turn documents in via email or in-person at our office. Email yur completed
    documents to [email protected].
  • If you have any questions regarding paperwork needed, please contact our office at
    985-549-2244 or [email protected].

How long will it take for my FAFSA to be processed and aid posted onto my LEOnet account?

Students should keep in mind it can take up to a week for Southeastern to receive
your FAFSA and additional time for it to be processed. During our busiest times of
the year (August for the fall semester and January for spring semester), processing
will be delayed due to the volume of paperwork received. It’s recommended that students
check their LEOnet to-do list regularly to see if any checklist items pop up to expedite
the awarding of their aid. Please refer to our Student Aid Report (SAR) Codes page if you received a reject code. 

Where can I find on my LEOnet how much I was awarded?

  • On your LEOnet, click Self Service > Campus Finances > View Financial Aid

  • To accept federal loans, click Self Service > Campus Finances > Accept/Decline Awards

I still have a balance but have taken all the financial aid that was offered, what
are additional aid options?

If you are looking for additional aid, your options will be a Parent Plus Loan (dependent
students), alternative student loans, or a Payment Plan through the Controller’s office.

  • The parent is the borrower for the Parent Plus Loan. Approval is based on a credit
    check. If the parent is denied, the student may be eligible for additional student
    loans for the year. Information on the Parent Plus Loan can be found at
    Once the parent completes the PLUS loan application, a file update request form needs
    to be submitted to the financial aid office for the loan to be added to the student
    account. That file update request form is available on the website or can be obtained
    directly from the Financial Aid Reception or the student’s Financial Aid Counselor.
  • An alternative student loan can be obtained through a private student loan lender
    or bank. This loan will be based on a credit check of the student. Private student
    loans can be applied for online by searching for “private student loans.” A co-signer
    may be required. 

The Controller’s Office offers the Southeastern Payment Plan (SPP), which splits up
the semester balance into three installments due in January, February and March for
the spring semester, and August, September, and October for the fall semester, and
May and June for the summer semester. More information on the Student Payment Plan can be found here.

Education students who have been admitted into the College of Education, have SARTE
status and a 3.25 GPA may be eligible for the federal TEACH Grant. For more information,
contact our office at [email protected].

Who do I list as my parent on the FAFSA?

This is a common question we receive from students. According to federal regulations,
if the student’s parents are divorced, separated or never married, the student would
list the parent who provides the most financial support as the parent. Only a biological
or adoptive parent can be listed as the parent on the FAFSA. If a student lives with
someone other than a biological or adoptive parent, then it is suggested they contact
their financial aid counselor for further instructions.

Why haven’t my federal aid/loans disbursed?

Federal aid does not disburse until after the start of the semester. The amount will
show as “Pending Financial Aid” until this time. As long as your “Pending Financial
Aid” covers the balance on your account, you are good to start the semester, pick
up textbooks, parking pass, move into housing, etc.

What is wrong with my financial aid? Only part of the aid has disbursed and the rest
still shows as pending aid?

This could be a couple of different reasons.

  • If your pell grant has disbursed but your loans have not, it is because you have not
    completed your MPN and Entrance Counseling. See question #4 for steps on completing
    this. If you have completed this, contact your Financial Aid Counselor.
  • If you receive the LA Go Grant, HB 152, or ACT 193 — these grants do not disburse
    until mid-semester.

If none of these reasons apply, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

It is after the start of the semester and my loans have not disbursed, why?

If you are a first-time loan borrower at Southeastern, you must complete the Master
Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling. Here are the steps to complete these:

  • Go to and log in using your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID and password.
    (This is the log in information you use to complete your FAFSA)
  • Select the appropriate tab (Undergraduate Student/Graduate/Professional Students)
  • Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Complete Loan Agreement for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan (MPN)

If you have completed both of these and your loans still have not disbursed, please
contact your Financial Aid Counselor. 

Why has my Parent Plus Loan not disbursed yet?

If your parent is a first-time borrower for the PPL at Southeastern, the Plus Loan
Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed. Here are the steps to complete this:

  • The parent on the application will need to go to under the “Parent
    Borrowers tab.”
  • Click “Complete Loan Agreement for Plus Loan (MPN)
  • The parent needs to log in with their FSA ID and password and complete.

If this has been completed, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

How many hours do I have to be enrolled in to receive federal loans?

A student must be enrolled half-time to receive federal student loans. (Undergraduate-
6 hours, Graduate- 5 hours) This is true for fall, spring and summer semesters.

Why has my aid been canceled? 

Did you meet Satisfactory Academic Progress? You must meet all of these criteria:

  • GPA (Freshman- 1.75 cumulative) (Sophomore, Junior, Senior- 2.0 cumulative) (Grad
    & Post Grad- 3.0 cumulative)
  • Percentage of Completion (Students must progress toward completion of their declared
    degree/certificate while maintaining a minimum 67% completion rate. This is calculated
    by dividing the cumulative number of credit hours earned by the cumulative number
    of credit hours attempted.)
  • Maximum Time Frame (Credit hours attempted must not exceed the following: Associate:
    90 hours attempted, 2nd Associate: 45 hours attempted beyond 1st Assoc., Bachelors:
    180 hours attempted, 2nd Bach: 60 credit hours attempted beyond 1st bach, Masters:
    48 hours attempted beyond Bachelor degree, 2nd Masters: 25 credit hours attempted
    beyond 1st Masters, Alternate Teaching Certification: 45 credit hours attempted beyond
    1st Bach, Doctorate: 60 credit hours attempted beyond Master Degree or 7 years)

*If you did not meet SAP, you will need to complete a Financial Aid appeal and be
approved to be eligible to receive federal aid. Please contact at [email protected] or 985-549-2244 for questions regarding Financial Aid appeals.


Are you enrolled half-time? (Undergraduate- 6 hours, Graduate- 5 hours)

  • If you are not enrolled at least half-time, this is why your aid has been canceled.
    If you add a class to re-gain half-time or above status, please notify your Financial
    Aid Counselor. If you meet SAP and are enrolled half-time or more, please contact
    your Financial Aid Counselor. 


Are you repeating a course?

  • Once a student receives a passing grade of ‘D’ or better, the student may attempt
    the class one additional time for a grade. A passing grade is defined as ‘D’ or better
    including the grade of ‘P’. A grade is defined as any grade excluding ‘W’.  If a course
    is determined to be a repeated course it is excluded from the enrolled hours that
    calculate the students’ financial aid. For detailed information, please visit the
    Financial Aid Repeat Coursework Policy page.

My financial aid covers more than my balance, what happens to the leftover money?

If your financial aid covers more than your balance, you will receive a refund of
the excess money. We encourage all students that are eligible for a refund to select
a refund preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered
by BMTX, Inc. You can find out more information about how to set up your refund preference here. Refunds are through the Controller’s office. If you have any questions, you
can contact them at [email protected] or 985-549-2068.

Can I get Financial Aid for summer classes?

For more information on receiving financial aid in the summer, please refer to the
Summer Financial Aid page.

I have scholarships. How do I keep them?

Please refer to the Scholarship Retention Requirements page.

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