STI/GYT Screening

“Get Yourself Tested” is a screening for STIs.

GYT screening is a quick and easy way for Southeastern students to get screened for
sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Screenings are for those who have no symptoms and no recent exposure to an STI.
  • GYT visits are confidential and are not recorded for insurance claims.  Get a confidential screening for:
    • HIV
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
  • GYT appointments can be scheduled ANY day. 

To schedule an appointment, go to Please allow 15 minutes
for your GYT visit.

When to Choose STI Testing and/or a Medical Evaluation

  • If you have symptoms such as rash, sores, bumps, itching, burning, pain, odor, discharge,
    and/or bleeding in your genital region
  • If for any reason you are worried you have been exposed to an STI
  • If you would like to be tested for additional STIs
  • If you had a recent experience of sexual assault/sexual violence**

In either of these cases, please schedule an appointment for a medical evaluation
at  Female’s should schedule their appointments on a Women’s Health Day and Males on
any day.

 How do I get my screening results?

You will be notified of your results within two weeks, depending on the state lab.
We generally relay results via a telephone call.  If we can’t reach you by phone,
we will send an email asking you to call us. If you have questions about the timing,
ask the nurse or provider during your visit.