Fixx-It Request

If this is an emergency, please call the Housing FIXX IT line at 985-549-3499. After hours call the Resident Assistant on call.

Please contact the Housing Office at 985-549-2118 for any of the problems below:

  1. If the cable TV is not working.
  2. If you see any mold.
  3. If you have a washer or dryer problem.
  4. If you have any custodial issues.
  5. If you have any pest control issues.
  6. If the electronic door access is not working. Example: ID Card swipe not working.
  7. If the Internet is not working, please call 985-340-8324.

For any other maintenance need, go to our online FIXX-It Request Form

Please complete the form with your name, your Southeastern email address, your phone number, the building where the problem exists, your room number and a brief description about the problem. Please give as much information in the Problem area, so your problem can be repaired.


If you are in Greek Village, please type in the building name and letter.

Example: Building: Greek Village Building A


If you are in Southeastern Oaks, please type the building number and room letter.

Example: Building: Southeastern Oaks Building 1



If you are in Zachary Taylor, please include East or West side of building.

Example: Building: Zachary Taylor East

Room: 100E


If you are in any other residence hall that that has multiple bedrooms, please type the room number and letter of your room.

Example: Building: Pride Hall



Please make sure you complete all requested fields on the form and give detailed descritpions of your maintenance needs.


Report Maintenance Problems Here

Fixx It Request

Cable TV Compatibility