The Village

Greek Village


The Village

Greek Village Active Greek Residents Double
Village M Residence Hall Female Only, Potential Greek Residents Double


Located on North Campus with easy access to the Pennington Student Activity Center, the University Center, and the heart of campus The Village is the home for students living in Greek Village
or Village M Residence Hall.  Students in this close-knit community have the opportunity
to participate with the various chapters affiliated with organizational housing and
collaborate for the betterment of the community.

The Village provides for unique program opportunities, of which we encourage community
residents to take advantage!  Village residents can reserve space in Village M for
small group meetings, study in the Greek Commons, challenge a chapter to a sand volleyball
game, and more!

Already a member of Greek Life at Southeastern and interested in living in Greek Village? 
Check it out here!  Or are you a new or returning female student interested in Greek Life and in living
in Village M Residence Hall?  Visit here!