Search Committee Candidate Travel Instruction Sheet


(Candidate should be provided with the “Candidate Travel Instruction Sheet”)


The following items are to be charged to the Human Resources Office, budget unit 22001 for Operating Fund Positions only.


1. Mileage - The state will reimburse candidates at a rate of $0.51 per mile. Both in-state and out-of-state travel will adhere to same reimbursement rules when driving a personal vehicle.


Over 99 miles then candidate must

  • rent a vehicle from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car's State Motor Pool Rental Contract; or
  • be reimbursed for 99 miles and cannot be reimbursed for mileage over 99 miles.


For out-of-state travel, when a candidate elects to drive instead of flying, the employee is limited to reimbursement of 99 miles when using a personal vehicle.  The candidate can request a rental car if they can demonstrate it is a lower cost than the flight.


A Travel Approval for Non-State Employee form must be completed in order to receive mileage reimbursement.


If one of our current employees picks a candidate up at the airport using their personal vehicle, we will reimburse our employee for their mileage to and from the airport up to the 99 mile per travel day rate.


2. Meals- Meal reimbursement from Budget Unit 22001 will be covered for the candidate only. Meals will be reimbursed up to $51.00 per day (Per Diem, per allowable schedule for Hammond - Breakfast $9.00, Lunch $13.00, Dinner $29.00). Meals for university employees taking the candidate out to eat may be covered through a departments' Development Foundation funds. Search committee chairs should discuss this possibility with their respective Department Head and/or Dean in advance.


3. Hotel/Motel Accommodations - The current approved state rate for hotel accommodations in the Hammond area is $83.00. Please refer to the State Travel Regulations for additional information on areas outside of Hammond. Therefore, the most we will be able to reimburse the candidate in Hammond is $83.00 per night plus tax.

*Note: When scheduling accommodations with local hotels, you should ask if they can provide a room at the “state rate” of $83 per night. Advise them that the candidate is traveling on official state business for Southeastern Louisiana University.

If accommodations cannot be arranged within the allowable state rate, a memo requesting an allowance for up to 50% above the state rate should be prepared and routed for approval through the appropriate Dean and Vice President. The form would then be routed to University President for final approval prior to the candidates' travel.


Try to use lodging that will be within the travel limits. We will only reimburse the candidate for a maximum of two (2) nights unless you can document that it would be more cost effective to have them stay over an extra night to save on airfare. Try to schedule the visit to our campus so that only one night's lodging is needed.








Hemmerling Guest House

(985) 542-5484


1.9 Miles

Lexington Inn

(985) 345-0003


1.9 Miles

Comfort Inn

(985) 429-0120


2.1 Miles

Super 8 Motel

(985) 429-8088


2.1 Miles

Hampton Inn

(985) 419-2188


2.2 Miles

Magnuson Grand Hotel & Conference Center

(985) 345-0556


2.7 Miles

Landmark Inn & Suites

(985) 542-9425


2.7 Miles

Supreme Inn

(985) 345-1900


2.9 Miles

Colonial Inn

(985) 345-2953


3 Miles

Days Inn

(985) 419-1000


3 Miles

La Quinta Inn & Suites

(985) 345-4742


3.8 Miles

Friendly Inn

(985) 542-9939


4.1 Miles

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham

(985) 370-7378


5.7 Miles

Carter Plantation

(225) 294-7555


9.8 Miles


4. Airfare Two options are available for purchasing airfare. The candidate can make his/her own travel arrangements and will be reimbursed up to the state rate, using a quote from Short's Management, after the travel has taken place. (The quote from Short's Management must be obtained 14 days prior to travel when booking through a different agency.) The department head is required to inform the interviewee that he/she may choose an agency to book his/her tickets but that we can reimburse only up to the state rate. It is the responsibility of the Department Head or Search Committee Chairperson to provide state rate information to the interviewees.

Alternatively, if the candidate does not have a credit card and cannot pay cash for the ticket, the Department Head may opt to pay for the airfare, booked through Short's Management, and be reimbursed. When selecting this option the interviewing department will need to provide a letter on University stationary to the candidate stating that the candidate is traveling on state business, interviewing for a position at Southeastern. This letter will need to be presented by the candidate to the airline when checking in at the airport. Please refer to the state travel regulations listed on the internet under the Controller's Office home page for more information.


5. Rental Cars- In-State Travel - The State has contracted with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for the State Motor Pool Rental Contract which use is mandatory (for travel in excess of 99 miles per day). Only the rental of compact or mid-intermediate model is reimbursable, unless non-availability is documented, or the vehicle will be used to transport more than two persons. A Vehicle Rental Request Form and a Non-Employee Acknowledgement must be completed and approved prior to travel. Insurance related to rental vehicles is not reimbursable when traveling in the United States.



National Account Number: NA 1403


Expense Accounts

Travel expense accounts are to be submitted in accordance with State Travel Regulations. For Operating Fund positions, candidate expense accounts must be approved by the Human Resources Director. Other fund positions must be approved by the respective budget unit head.


Expense account forms should be completed by the respective department listing the position the candidate is being considered for. For Operating Fund positions, the department head will need to initial the form indicating review and approval and forward the expense account to the Human Resource Director for approval, as budget unit head for 22001. The candidate will need to turn in their travel itinerary to the interviewing department before leaving campus. Please note that candidates will need to submit original receipts, including the airline tickets and itinerary. Therefore, these may need to be mailed back to the department after the candidate returns home. Be sure the candidate's social security number is listed on the expense account form.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Travel Desk in the Controller's Office for further clarification on travel regulations.


PLEASE NOTE: All expense accounts for the candidate and University personnel receiving reimbursement of expenses related to candidate travel should be submitted for payment at the same time in order to avoid possible overpayment and duplication of meals, etc.Meals for current Southeastern employees entertaining candidates for interviews will not be reimbursed through budget unit 22001 or any other Southeastern budget unit. Also, current Southeastern employees being interviewed will not be reimbursed for any interview related expenses.


All international travel must have special approval. Contact the Travel Desk @ 985-549-2089 for more information.

For more information on State Travel Regulations visit



Shorts Travel Management
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