IRB Committee Members

 Dr. Michelle Hall, Chair

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Brandon Baiamonte, Psychology

Dr. William Chernoff, Sociology & Criminal Justice

College of Business

Dr. David Bowes, Management & Business Administration

Dr. Avi Waikar, Marketing & Supply Chain Management

College of Education 

Dr. Luke Stedrak, Educational Leadership & Technology

Dr. Tish Walters, Teaching & Learning

Sims Memorial Library

Mr. Paul Kelsey, Library

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Dr. Dan Hollander, Kinesiology & Health Studies

Dr. Sue Prude, Nursing

College of Science & Technology

Dr. Pradip Panta, Biological Sciences

Dr. Jean Fotie, Chemistry & Physics

Non-Academic Units

Dr. Lee Lind, Student Publications