• Preconference Form – This form should be completed by the accused student before their appointment date
    with Conduct Authority. This form is used for both Housing and Student Advocacy and
    Accountability violations.
  • Conduct Appeal Form – Students may request a review of their case and hearing outcomes. 
  • Case Process – A chart explaining the flow of a complaint through the conduct case process. 
  • Advisor’s Role – This form should be completed by the student if they choose to have someone present
    with them at the Disciplinary Conference or Hearing.
  • Hearing Board Guide – Explains the hearing process and assists the complainant and respondent with their
    roles and participation in the grievance process.

Disclosure and Transfer


  • Campus Wellness Acknowledgement Form – This must be filled out by the student as they return to campus from a hospital
    stay in order to assist in their return to campus.
  • Mental Health Assessment – This form is to be completed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional (i.e. Psychiatrist,
    Medical Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, or
    Medical Doctor). Please call (985) 549-2213 for any concerns regarding the procedures. 



  • Graduate Assistants (AA) – This form is for students who would like to apply for Graduate Assistant position
    in the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability.
  • For employment questions, please contact the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability
    at (985) 549-2213 or [email protected]