Holy Ghost Catholic School Tours Southeastern's Sustainability Center

Two science groups from Holy Ghost visited yesterday to tour the Sustainability Center. There were over 60 students present. It was a bright bunch of students who demonstrated prior knowledge on sustainability and renewable energy. The group was spilt into two smaller groups of 30.

  holy ghost tour 6

   The first group went with Mr. Carlos who guided the student during             the outside tour of the grounds and the solar panel activity. The                 second group visited the inside of the Outreach Center for a PowerPoint     presentation relative to the energy models in the classroom and                 participated in the wind turbine construction and testing activity.             Afterwards, the large groups switched positions to enjoy the
second half of the tour.


Inside, the groups were broken down into even smaller groups (groups of 5). These groups competed against each other to see who could assemble their wind turbine the fastest. The winning group went home with awesome Sustainability Center T-shirts (see picture below).

holy ghost tour 1     holy ghost tour 7     holy ghost tour 4

                        holy ghost tour 8     holy ghost tour 5

The group was a pleasure to have, and I believe they left with an even bigger appreciation of sustainable initiatives and knowledge of renewable energy. 

holy ghost tour 2    holy ghost tour 3    holy ghost tour 11

holy ghost tour 9   Winning team from Holy Ghost    holy ghost tour 10                         

 The mission of the Sustainability Center is to provide a synergistic educational facility for the university and region which offers diverse learning styles for both current and future students in the areas of renewable energy, recycling and waste reduction measures, plant biology and other sustainable technologies. The Center will provide opportunities for extensive study in sciences and technology. 

 We invite you to contact us today to plan a visit to the Southeastern Louisiana University Sustainability Center, located at 2101 North Oak Street, for a day of fun and learning.  Email us at sustainability@southeastern.edu or call 985-549-5034 to schedule a visit.  We'll see you there. 

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