Saint Thomas Aquinas Regional Catholic High School Tours Southeastern's Sustainability Center.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 4:03:38 PM CST

Today, an enthusiastic group of students from Saint Thomas Aquinas Regional Catholic High School's Robotics I and Robotics II classes toured Southeastern's Sustainability Center to learn more about renewable energy awareness and environmental stewardship.  

During the tour, Southeastern engaged the students through kinesthetic learning by having the students divide into smaller groups to become familiar with actual working components of a photovoltaic (pv) solar panel system and generating enough power to successfully operate a table top fan.  This activity is geared towards middle and high school students and has proven to be a huge success.

Also included in the tour was a visit to the rainwater reclamation pond, where rainwater is captured and pumped out through a solar pv powered water pump used to irrigate plant materials prior to planting in landscapes.  After passing through the garden and viewing the wind turbine generating power, a biomass demonstration was performed where we take waste woody products and burn it to power a 5,000 watt Honda generator.  The tour closed with critical thinking and general question and answer discussion on how renewable energy can impact our lives by reducing our dependency of the grid.

The tour was a great success and received many positive comments.  Here are some of those responses.

"Every part was fun."     "My level of satisfaction is a 10."     " I now see how many ways there are possible to conserve energy."     " I liked making the fan work with the solar panel."
"My only suggestion is that we get to do this tour more often."     "I enjoyed all parts of the tour, but the bio-mass machine was really great and should be repeated."     "I enjoyed exploring the outdoors."     "I enjoyed everything because it was a very cool learning opportunity."
"Videos were amazing and helped to clarify complicated processes."


 We invite you to contact us today to plan a visit to the Southeastern Louisiana University Sustainability Center, located at 2101 North Oak Street, for a day of fun and learning.  Email us at or call 985-549-5034 to schedule a visit.  We'll see you there.


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