Physical Plant Services

Physical Plant Services

On-Line Service Request

  • Give a complete description and exact location of work needed.
  • Submit a request two weeks in advance for any date driven items including sound setups and moving items.
  • Any on-line request received for keys will becancelled.Key requests must be completed on the Key Request Form and have an original department head signature.
  • Include a budget number for any requests for sound or movers (tents, tables, chairs, etc).
  • For a multiple task service request, a seperate request should be made for each different shop. (IE. plumbing, movers, electrical).
  • Do not submit a service request to Physical Plant for surplus items. A Property Surplus form must be completed and submitted to the Property Control Department at 549-2205.
  • Request to use the Alumni Banquet room must be approved by the director of Alumni.
  • Student Organizations must complete a service request with Advisor's signature and complete the Registration of Activities Form.
  • Physical Plant is not able to provide sound system setups for Student Organization events.
  • If a change must be made to a request, call the Physical Plant Services Office at 549-3333 with the Request number. DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER REQUEST.
  • Do not submit a service request to move furniture/property to a different location due to a change in the way the space is being used or a change in faculty/staff. A Change in University Space Request must be submitted per space management policy. Facility Planning will submit approved requests to Physical Plant.

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MP2 On-Line Service Request