Stage Two Plans

June 8, 2020

Governor Edwards announced last week that he was moving Louisiana into Phase Two of the White House COVID-19 guidelines for reopening.  While the Governor’s new Order, effective June 5, allows for expanded operation of businesses and other establishments, it continues to restrict operational capacity of facilities and maintains social distancing requirements.

Over the last several weeks, division heads have been working with individuals in their respective areas to develop and implement plans for returning on-campus operations.  Moving forward, campus plans will reflect requirements and operational parameters which are consistent with the Governor’s new Order and current public health guidelines.  Specifically, these are set forth in the campus Stage Two Framework.

As has been the case during our Stage One processes, specific details regarding return-to-campus timing and operational directions will be communicated to faculty and staff through each individual’s supervisor.  Likewise, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety will continue to serve as the gatekeeper responsible for verifying that each unit’s plans conform with necessary safety requirements.

A webpage has been created that provides information about the operational status for each unit that has resumed campus operations.  This page will be updated routinely to reflect ongoing changes in the operational status of units. 

In the near future, we will also be launching an online “Safe Campus Guide” that will provide additional details about campus safety guidelines as well as the work being done to help ensure workplace and learning environments that reduce the risk of spread of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases. 

Along with everyone else, I look forward to continued progress toward normalcy and seeing more of our Southeastern family members back on campus. 

John L. Crain